Filing a Police Report After a Car Accident in Tucson

Filing a case after a car accident is a significant step that you should never miss. But you must be wondering if you should report the accident, even if it is a minor one. A Tucson auto accident attorney can help you know the entire process. In this blog, too, you will read about filing a police report after a car accident.

Should you file a case for a minor injury?

It is always a good idea to file a case, even if it is a minor one, because you never know what the other person has in his mind. He might make false accusations, and then you might fall into trouble. Moreover, what might seem a minor injury may, later on, prove to be a significant injury. So you should file a case irrespective of its intensity.

How to file a case and seek a claim?

If you report the incident, that doesn’t guarantee that you will get the claim amount. The pieces of evidence that the police will collect will serve as proof of the sequence of events. It will be best if you do not run away and instead give the complete details of the accident to the police. If someone hits and runs, you need to report the case within 24 hours. 

What all things a police officer will do at the accident site?

When cops come to the accident spot, they may do the following things-

  • The police will note down basic details.
  • Charge penalty (if required)
  • Call emergency services (if needed)
  • Collect evidence such as photographs of the accident spot and the driving license number of both the parties involved in the accident.

How do you get a copy of the police report?

You can acquire a police report in two ways- one is by calling the law enforcement officers, and the other is asking your insurance company if they already have a copy of the insurance.


Seeking medical help and filing the case is the first step towards compensation for the economic and non-economic losses. You should neither delay in getting treatment nor in seeking help from the police. Right after the accident, it might be a little overwhelming to do all these things, but you need to remember that if you take active steps, you can get saved from unfavourable situations in future.