How to Get Car Insurance if You Have a Bad Driving Record

Car insurance is an absolute necessity if you’re planning on taking a vehicle out for a spin. Having a vehicle that’s fully insured is important, especially if you use it for commuting and running errands each day. Unfortunately, if you have a bad driving record, it can be downright difficult to find a policy that isn’t going to charge you an arm and a leg. Drivers who have been in a lot of accidents with high cost repairs or have had many tickets are more likely to file an insurance claim, so companies are typically less willing to freely hand out coverage. However, getting the insurance that you need can be easier than you might think, even with a tainted background.

Compare Plans

Before taking out any type of policy, you need to compare options to see which one is the right choice for you. Some companies specifically offer plans to bad drivers, but you might find that your premiums are more expensive than you’d like. The beauty about shopping around online is that you get to see which providers are available to you and what the prices are attached to different options.

Consider Lowering Your Coverage

Lowering your coverage can have a positive impact on the amount you pay each month as a bad driver. If your car has a lien against it, you’ll need to carry full insurance to keep it protected. However, if your car is a bit older or you don’t have a loan, reducing the amount of protection that you’re carrying can save you a lot of money every month when you go to pay your bill.

Work on Taking Driving Classes

Insurance providers want to know that you’re willing and able to make changes to the way that you drive. By taking a defensive driving course or other driving-related classes, you’re more likely to lower premium rates. It is important that you have proper documentation of completing these courses so that you can submit proof to the company in question. These classes are often readily available and may even be taken online in some cases.

Look for High-Risk Options

Some insurance providers specifically work with high-risk drivers. These companies will normally offer high risk auto insurance quotes so that you can get a feel for the prices involved before actually signing anything. The reason this option is so beneficial for many is because you’re paying less for coverage and getting the protection that you need.

Reduce the Amount You Drive

You can save money on your plan by reducing the amount that you drive. When signing up for a policy, you’ll be asked how much you’re planning on driving the vehicle. If you state that you’ll be driving it every day for commuting purposes, you’ll pay more on the policy premium. However, if you say that you’ll only be using the car for leisure purposes, you will pay less over time. Think about cutting down on the costs of coverage by taking the bus every once in a while, or carpooling with your co-workers.