Should Your Car Accident Case Go to Court in Las Vegas?

Car accidents can vary in severity; however, all injured victims look forward to getting through the process quickly. This way, they can get the settlement they need. The majority of car accident claims will be settled without going to court; however, some claims do not. If you are seeking compensation for your injuries in a car accident, you must know how litigation works and its impact on your claim. Also, it is important to understand why you need a Las Vegas car accident lawyer especially when your case ends up in court.  

Benefits of Settling a Claim Outside of Court

Lawyers and claimants want to avoid litigation because it is costly and time-consuming. Trials can be quite intensive and invasive. You may have to provide detailed statements, review your past medical history, and answer many personal questions. This process can make you feel like you are relieving the accident you wish to put behind you. 

In addition, a court trial is a serious gamble. Accepting a small amount of settlement can at least give you peace of mind knowing you are able to recover something. But if your trial fails, you could be left with nothing. Most attorneys avoid litigation due to the risk of losing everything. 

But Some Cases Do Not Settle

Sometimes, the parties involved in a car accident case cannot reach an out-of-court settlement. This can happen due to conflict about liability. No one wants to accept blame, particularly if a huge amount of money is attached to it. However, the obstinance of the defendant will prevent the parties from reaching a settlement altogether. This can happen when the defendant is an influential or wealthy person who thinks they can win at trial or build a strong defense to cause the claimant to back down. Sometimes, the defendant may depend on contributory negligence laws and assert the claimant shares responsibility for causing the accident. 

In other cases, insurers may refuse to make a proper settlement offer, forcing you to take your case to court. insurance adjusters will help the insurance company that employs them save money on claims. That is why they may challenge the seriousness of injuries you sustained and the value of property damage you claimed. In this case, trial is often the only option to recover maximum compensation. Your attorney can prepare you for the trial and collect more solid evidence to strengthen your case.