Steps to be taken after a Hit and Run Accident in Miami

Car accidents are pretty common, and it is okay to feel perplexed right after the accident. But in no case, you should run after an accident. It will be best if you stay at the site till you inform the police about the accident. But if you are a victim of a hit and run case, you should take active steps so that you get justice. The Miami car accident lawyers can help you get justice by guiding you on what to do. This blog will discuss actions that you should take after a hit and run accident.

Don’t underestimate your injuries.

After an accident, you might not feel the pain right after the accident, but you might have gotten hurt more than you think. So document as many details as you can. Include the details of the sequence of events and damage that happened. You should also take into account whether you can take footage of CCTV cameras. Make sure that you write everything that you recall. 

Identify witnesses

Generally, people who witness the hit and run case are motivated to help you due to moral outrage. You should take the contact information of all the witnesses so that you can present their statements when required. 

Take photographs

It will be best to take photographs of the entire accident site to prevent any false accusation from the insurance company. Make sure that you take pics from different angles and zoomed pics of your vehicle and the injury that you faced.

Call the police

Even if you are not responsible for the accident, you can’t escape from the accident site, and it is mandatory to inform the police. If anyone hits and runs, police will impose heavy penalties. If you are a victim of a hit and run case, you should call the police as early as possible so that the police can investigate the matter thoroughly. The sooner you inform the police, the better chances of you winning the case because the police will make a crash report in which they will mention all the damages that occurred to you during the accident.


An accident can change your entire life. The compensation that you get after the car accident might not make your life like before, but it will at least provide some support to lead your life.