8 Benefits of Automatic Bollards

Trouble finding a parking place at work? Or maybe you’re sick of people parking you in at home? Either way, automatic bollards are here to keep you sane and most importantly your car safe and secure.

That’s right – a bollard that automatically goes up and down – when you want it – wherever you need it.

But hold up one second.

Aren’t automatic bollards the tough-looking ones you see in front of government buildings or embassies? Well yes. You’d be right – automatic bollards are an essential security device used by governments and businesses to protect their assets. The good news is – you can too.

Here are 8 benefits of automatic bollards:

1. Automatic Bollards are top of the range

Made from high-quality stainless steel, automatic bollards are some of the most resistant types in the world. That’s why you see them protecting some of the most important buildings around the city. If you’re interested in investing in the most resistant and effective security bollards, then automatic bollards are the strongest and most effective on the market.

2. Automatic Bollards are fast-operating

When it comes to using automatic bollards day in day out, you’re going to want a quick operating time – especially if you need to control entrance for the public, emergency, or delivery vehicles. A fast-acting and programmable automatic bollard can safely and easily allow you to control access to a designated area.

3. Automatic Bollards save space

A big problem that businesses, local councils, firms, and even private car owners encounter is that access gates and barriers often take up critical space on either side of the road, entrance, or pathway. Often the building layout is not conducive to the installation of a boom gate – or a sliding gate and automatic bollards offer the ideal solution for business owners and drivers alike. They fit neatly into the ground and when retracted take up no space on your property. They can be lowered at will and can also make your property more visually appealing.

4. Automatic Bollards offer protection for your car or your property

Automatic bollards aren’t just for large companies, city councils, and governments. You too can take advantage of automatic bollards at your home or business. Indeed, automatic bollards offer premium protection for your vehicle and property. Whether it’s at work or in your home driveway – an automatic bollard allows you to control who can access your parking spot or driveway.

5. Control traffic flow

One of the main advantages of an automatic bollard is that it can swiftly and effectively control traffic movement in a given area. Whether that’s closing off a side street – denying access to smaller vehicles that are lower to the ground or ensuring pedestrian safety at certain times during the day, automatic bollards give you the chance to effectively control the traffic environment.

6. Durable

When it comes to protecting your valuable assets, you’re probably looking for a solution that will last. Stainless steel automatic bollards are a durable solution for your safety and security needs. When not in use – they sit neatly underground out of harm’s way. Compared to fold-down bollards, which can get driven over and begin to rust away, with an automatic bollard you get maximum protection no matter which position it’s in.

7. Impact tested and crash rated

Heavy duty automatic stainless steel security bollards are designed and built to withstand extreme force. Such automatic bollards are. Often used at military bases and outside embassies throughout the world. The aim of these bollards is to bring heavy vehicles such as fully laden trucks to a full dead stop without breaching the security zone. Automatic bollards are also used extensively as anti-terrorism devices – preventing mass causality events.

8. Cost effective

When it comes to keeping your costs down – you’ll want to invest in a solution that will last. Automatic bollards offer premium security with the added bonus of being highly reliable and extremely resistant to bumps, scratches, and in the unlikely event of a ram raid – you can trust that your investment will pay off.

Upgrade your security with an automatic bollard today

With all their benefits, automatic bollards pull together an impressive range of features that set them apart from other bollards to achieve similar outcomes. Whether it’s regulating traffic flow, ensuring your property is safe and secured – or simply reserving a VIP car park – this is your solution. Get in touch with your trusted local security bollards supplier and have a chat about how automatic bollards can assist you to achieve your traffic goals.