Five Ways a Criminal Defense Attorney Will Handle Your Case

The criminal justice system exists to fight crimes and gives justice to victims. If you have been arrested, you can expect the system to work against you. To get a criminal conviction. Because of this, you need a Lento Law Firm criminal defense attorney to help you handle the charges against you. You need an attorney who understands the system as well as knows and speaks the prosecutor’s language. They will protect your rights and protect your best interest. Here’s what they will do for you:

Investigate the Charges

Your defense lawyer will go to the alleged crime scene to interview witnesses, get a copy of the official incident report, and examine any physical evidence available. They will investigate to find holes in the evidence and inconsistencies. 

Scrutinize the Conduct of the Police Officer

Your defense lawyer will determine whether the police officer violated your constitutional rights during your arrest or while collecting evidence against you. If your rights have been violated, your lawyer will bring a motion to have the illegally acquired evidence thrown out by a judge before your case goes to trial. 

Negotiate Acceptable Outcomes

Your defense lawyer will work toward getting the lightest sentence possible and the minimum penalties. Also, they want to mitigate the effect of the charges you are facing on your life. If you handle your criminal case without a lawyer, the prosecutors and courts may take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge and inexperience. As a result, you may walk away with the highest penalties while being confused about how it even took place.

Give You Professional Advice

When you work with a criminal defense lawyer, they work directly for you to help you get the best outcome possible for your case. You can ask for advice from them regarding how any action you do will affect your proceedings. Also, your attorney can advise you on how your case might affect your ability to secure employment, apply for loans or housing, renew your driver’s license, or anything else. The legal advice and counsel of your attorney throughout your case will help you make smart decisions for yourself and your future. 

Give You Confidence

By working with a lawyer, you can get straight answers to your questions or concerns and plan accordingly for your future. The representation they can give you alone is enough to give you confidence in terms of fighting for your rights.