How To Plan An Outstanding Corporate Launch

Corporate launches are essential for announcing monumental projects, innovative products or sweeping changes to the company. Whether you are celebrating a product release or the opening day of your company, here are some key pieces of advice to consider if you want to have an outstanding event.

Promote Your Event Online

If you are trying to get a high attendance rate for your big event, you need to start promoting it in-person and online. There are different ways that you can build-up your guest-list by promoting your event with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn — you can share a digital flyer, make a specific hashtag for the night and create a countdown to your event. It’s also good to encourage user interactions online to really gain interest — in the end, you want to have more than a moment of attention from people, you want their attendance. The entire goal of using social media promotion is to spread the word about the launch across a variety of platforms and to get potential-guests excited about everything the event will offer.

Make Your Event Guest-Friendly

You should entice guests with services and amenities like food, drinks or gift bags, so that they stay for the entire event, mingle with other attendees and have a magnificent time. Prepare gift bags full of swag items like pens, notebooks, magnets and hats from the company or from corporate sponsors, and then hire a professional corporate caterer to take care of the food and drinks. A reliable Toronto food catering company will arrange a delicious menu, have their skilled team serve guests and help clean up dishes throughout the event. The Toronto corporate caterer The Food Dudes can provide these high-quality services and more — they have years of experience catering for corporate events like launches, retreats, parties, meetings and in-office events. Their tantalizing cocktail menu, impeccable customer service and strong reputation in the field prove that they would be a great selection for the event, especially if you want to keep guests fed and happy.

Share The Results

When it comes to social media marketing for corporate events, you have to think of the process in different stages — you need to think about the promotion before the big day, the enjoyment during the event and the follow-up after everything is all over. You need to confirm that the entire launch was a success by sharing photos of attendees having a great time on your social media platforms. The goal is to show the positivity that your event created so that they have faith in your company’s project, product or purpose, and that they are eager for the next event that you decide to throw.

The best way to get your new project, product or company to be the talk of the town is to throw a big and memorable event. Your launch party will be the first impression that the attendees will experience about your company’s new goals — a fantastic event will capture your guests’ interest, admiration and appreciation.