Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Large Format Printer

In the modern technological era, every industry, whether engineering, architecture, design or tourism, needs high quality posters and banners.

If you need to produce large types of media for your business, you may wonder how this can be achieved with a standard A3 or A4 printer.

In an ever-pressurised work environment, employees certainly don’t have time to stand around waiting for multiple sheets to print and then ponder how to attach them all together.

Whatever your business type, you can benefit from using large format printers whether you’re creating big adverts, announcements, posters or images.

Originally referred to as plotters, they are specifically designed for industries who use CAD software packages and those who are dependent on high quality graphics.

There are a few things you many need to consider before purchasing such a device:


One thing to consider is what you will use your device for – and if it’s for producing brilliant big colourful items, a large format printer is exactly what you need.

Think about whether the printer you want to buy can produce specific colours. For example, if you want to include a poster featuring your brand but your printer of choice doesn’t have the capability, this can cause problems with people being able to recognise your logo.

High quality inks, particularly those used in connection with Epson large format printers, contribute to accurate images and colour stability.

For photography, it’s best to pick a printer which can feature several inks including two or three black shades, for example, photo and matte.

The SureColour SC-P5000 Violet 240V large format printer, features 10 colour UltraChrome HDX pigment ink sets that uses violet ink to deliver 99% colour matching of Pantone-certified colours for better proofing options.


With Epson printers from the T range, you can get all the necessary pictures and documents printed without sacrificing quality.

As a business, you need to save time and money while printing vast numbers of posters and banners, so you won’t want to continually buy new pieces of technology to aid this.

With Epson large format printers, performance is optimised by its printerhead technology, which is designed to last for the duration of the printer’s life, while always producing consistent, reliable and high-quality print.

Photo-based businesses should consider an Epson colour inkjet printer from the P-range, which is designed with photography and amazing clarity of images in mind.

Extensive DPI resolution ensures clean, crisp and large format pictures with outstanding reliability and versatility.


Consider what size of items you’ll need to print as this will influence the size of printer you require. Some engineering firms, for example, prefer the 36” wide format printer as it can handle large construction documents.

Epson devices are available in A2, A1 and A0 sizes and have excellent print speeds.


Another good reason to consider an Epson large format printer, is that the brand offers a free recycling service ensuring that no Epson cartridges or printers go to landfill.

Hopefully, you have seen how large format printing could be advantageous to your business, particularly if staff use CAD applications or graphic design packages.