Tips on Picking the Right Tech Pr Agency

Public relations companies are a vital tool for many businesses and they can help to increase the overall success of that business. Finding the right PR agency however is not always easy and given the wide variety of specializations and the rising costs of this kind of service, it is worth your while investing time and energy into researching which is the best for you. If you have a tech startup then you will of course want to ensure that you get a tech PR agency who specialize in what you are trying to do and here are some tips on helping you to pick the best.


Public relations companies are excellent at spinning stories to create a message which we want to hear, and that includes when they are speaking about what they can do for your business. To find out whether or not the companies you are looking at are either talkers or doers, you should dig through their previous history and find out whether they can actually back up what they are saying.  You can ask the PR firm for evidence of what they have done with previous clients or even reach out to those clients and find out for yourself.


Even within the world of tech there are a thousand different branches of specialization which you may be operating in and were possible it makes sense to have a team behind you who fully comprehend what is going on. For example you may hire a tech specialist who has many years of experience in medical technology which perhaps won’t help you in launching your new blockchain application. Whichever company you decide to work with, be sure that they are on the same page as you.


The kind of thing that you want to be hearing from a PR firm is results, what they will look like, when you will see them and how these results can be measured. You may need to patient and that is fine, results don’t happen in a heartbeat, but you must have a clear description from the firm as to what those results will be, and when you will see them. If this transparency is not available then this may not be the team which you want to work with.


Whilst you may be hiring this PR company for their expertise and know-how, this is very much a service which should include you in many of the decisions that are made, especially around company message and direction. This is a company who is going to work for you and that is why you should be involved in every aspect of this process. If you are being shut down on ideas or there is a general feeling that your input is not wanted, you should go ahead and look for another company to use, one which will respect your opinions.