Top 3 Reasons Why Businesses Need ID Badges

Running a business isn’t easy – you often have to wear multiple hats, with multiple things to worry about and multiple people to please. That’s why, as a business owner or manager, you crave simple, streamlined solutions. Where productivity is concerned, that might mean a productivity app; where communication is concerned, that might mean a communication app; but where security is concerned, the simplest, most effective solution is in the implementation of ID badges.

As this article will outline, not only do ID cards create a safe work environment, ensuring a lack of theft and mismanagement, but they also aid in advertising the company, as well as monitoring workflow and productivity. Here are those three reasons, in detail.


Of course, this is the primary reason for implementing an ID badge system. Your employees have a right to feel safe in their workplace, and you have the right to not worry about intrusion and theft. With a simple ID card printer from Avon Security Products and a company-wide meeting about how to use ID cards, your business will be greatly secured. By having employees identify themselves before entering work, you do away the risk of outside intruders. And you can also restrict access to certain rooms within your office; for instance, if there is some sensitive material in one room, you can make it so only top-tier employees have access.

Not only that, but in case of an office emergency, you will be able to account for all your employees, as well as be able to discern their whereabouts. If you were to only use ID badges for emergency protocol, they would still be worth every penny you spent.


One of the lesser-known benefits of ID badges is the fact that they actually make great marketing tools. Not only do they lend a sense of credibility and authority to your employees, but they often bear your company’s logo, meaning that when employees where their badge out in public, they are effectively advertising the company. You can improve upon this visibility by ordering custom lanyards with your company logo. All in all, it’s a cost-effective, albeit small, way to make unique impressions on people.


By being able to monitor the in and out times of employees, as well as being able to track their whereabouts, you can greatly increase productivity with your ID badges. This isn’t to say you have to turn the office into a Big Brother scenario, but making employees more accountable for their use of time is a justified, effective way to ensure that the company runs smoothly. After all, time theft is theft. Also, employees will likely appreciate the fairness effect that this has on the workplace, and those who put extra effort into their work will relish the idea that their hard work is being noticed.

In addition to these three reasons, there are yet more reasons, but that’s for another article. Suffice it to say that if you own or manage a business, ID badges offer up a simple, straightforward business solution, all in a cost-effective package.