What Are the Main Causes of Low Customer Satisfaction?

There is nothing more important in the world of business than our customers and if there is an example of just how important they are, this year has given us the biggest one yet. During this year’s pandemic and the lockdown which followed, we have seen the demise of so many businesses around the world. SO many small businesses, and larger ones too, have been forced to close their doors because they could no longer trade. Those which have survived this year, especially small businesses, have done so because of their loyal and supportive customers.

The lesson to be learned here is that we must always ensure that we keep the customer satisfied. With this in mind, here Zoe Training explains the causes of low customer satisfaction.

Not Getting What They Want

Mick Jagger may have understood that you can’t always get what you want, but that doesn’t mean your customers will. This is a common complaint from many customers who use retail-based businesses and in the modern world it is less acceptable to have tings out of stock. Through the use of web based ordering systems this is something which should very rarely happen.

Being Mislead

Online marketing and content production very quickly went from ‘let’s tell everyone about our products’ to ‘let’s deceive them to get them on the site’. There really does need to be a wholesome approach to what you are telling your customers and what you are actually giving them. You can use salesmanship by all means, but don’t tell untruths just to get the customer in the door.

Slow Service

When it comes to the high street versus the digital high street, the only difference between the two, and the only thing which may save the high street, is personal service. With this being said, more customers are being turned off getting out an about because of painfully slow service. Recognize that your customers may need some help and be on the front foot with it.

Difficult to Contact

We are living in a world where communication is easier than it has ever been before, and that means that there really is no excuse at all for being difficult to contact. Through social media, phone and mobile, you should be easier to reach and swift to respond to your customers.

Poor Quality Products

Another negative which the online world has brought about, especially when we discuss things like drop shipping, is poor quality products being sold without getting picked up. Any business worth its salt should know what it is selling and what the quality of the product is. Having faith in the quality control of some far away factory offering its workers little more than minimum wage is not enough to go on, you have to feel and touch those products yourself before offering them to your customers.

These are the key aspects of low customer satisfaction, and they are simple things to fix for any business, in doing so, your customers will not only be satisfied, they may very well become loyal.