Becoming A Lawyer – Types Of Law To Consider

As the summer months tick closer and closer, many people begin to imagine kicking back in the sun, taking some time off and getting refreshed. Many others start to think about changing things up a bit – especially in the spring, starting anew in life somewhere or somehow and chasing dreams or just changing careers. If this sounds like something you’ve been giving some thought to and you want to follow a career with substance and variety, why not look for a legal job online. Sound ideal? Check out these types of law you can specialise in.


Family law can be some of the most engaging law out there. You might find yourself helping clients get custody of children or divide up assets during a divorce. There’s no question that family law can get messy and problematic, but with the right training and knowledge, you can take on any challenge that family law can present. Not only that, but you can rest easy knowing you’ve helped a family sort out some of their issues and ensured things were fair.


This type of law, like defense, is rooted in criminality of all kinds. Prosecution law is on the side of the ‘good guys’ so to speak, helping to provide evidence to ensure people go to jail for crimes they’ve committed. Prosecution lawyers can find themselves trying to fight for fines or jail terms for anyone from someone on a drugs charge to murder, or even giant corporate criminals who have embezzled money or had illegal business practices and the like. It can be extremely varied and offer many avenues within to venture down.


As with prosecution law, this is the opposite site of the spectrum where you help your client, the alleged criminal, either prove their innocence, or if guilty, get them as fair a sentence as possible. This can be an incredibly interesting field of law where you learn a lot about what motivates people and companies to do the things they do. Defense law can see you helping many different types of client from small guys who have robbed a shop all the way up to corporate clients being indicted for fraud.


Immigration law is a special department that helps many people around the world achieve different types of immigration status in your country. This can range from people who need help and guidance in completing what can be extremely complex forms, providing assistance with filing forms and arguing cases in immigration court for refugee status and other types of residence. Overall an immigration lawyer is an integral person for many new arrivals in many countries who may not have been able to get to that point themselves.

So whether you’re looking for a bit of a change into a new and exciting career or you’re looking to specialise in a different type of law, hopefully these ideas of law will give you a great starting point into the career of your dreams!