What Type of People Take on Travel Nurse Jobs?


Travel nurse jobs are a very popular way for people from around the world, to travel the globe and help people out along the way. There are many companies who work with contacts around the world, to facilitate foreign nurses being placed in hospitals and medical centers in some of the world’s poorest areas. Not all travel nursing jobs will see someone in poor areas, but these are the most common types of placements.

Whilst a position like this can provide someone with a wonderful life opportunity, the position is not for everyone. Let’s have a look at what kind of person it takes, to travel around the world and help people in difficulty.


It probably goes without saying but if you do have intentions of taking on a job position such as this, you must be a qualified nurse, and you can get these qualifications by enrolling in one of the accelerated BSN programs in PA. In some cases, if you are studying, you may find that your college offers an internship-style travel experience, but generally speaking only those who are fully qualified can take up this kind of opportunity.

Travel Lover

The ideal candidate for this kind of position is not just someone who is a qualified nurse, but also someone who loves to travel and explore new places. I have spoken to many people in the past who took advantage of an opportunity like this, only to dislike the change in location and culture. If you don’t like to travel or discover new places, this can have a negative impact on your job, meaning that this is probably not the opportunity for you.

Emotionally Strong

Your emotions will be tested to the max when you take on a position such as this, and almost every aspect of the position will test a different emotion. Aside from everything else, it is worth remembering that you are going to be living and working in a different culture with a different way of life, something which can be difficult. If you are operating a poor area then you will find that equipment is hard to come by, and you could also see terrible consequences of an illness which in your home country is considered minor. The trials and tribulations of this kind of position will test both your mental and emotional strength, and you must be prepared for that.


In the medical profession we are often told that we must put emotions to one side for the greater good but when you are dealing with some of the issues that travel nurses do, you must have a great deal of compassion and empathy. Whilst you will of course need to be strong in terms of carrying out your job, there must be a level of compassion for the situation that many of these people find themselves in. Compassion can also help you to break down the cultural barrier, be a great nurse and make people feel better.