4 Green Companies For The Fashionable, Planet-Conscious Male

In recent years the world has had to come up with solutions to problems such as plastic waste and issues linked to climate change. This has forced the next generation to be much more conscious about how we need to change our habits to live in harmony with the planet. But fortunately, there are more and more fashion companies that are becoming eco-friendly, so that at least you know that your clothes will be sourced from sustainable materials and that they will be biodegradable when you eventually throw them away.  So here are 4 companies for the fashion conscious male.

Aventura Clothing

Aventura Clothing was founded in 1965 in the state of Nevada, with the goal of creating a fashion company that had no or very little environmental impact.
It caters both to men and women, with the men’s clothing line including sweaters, shirts and pants made from organic and biodegradable materials such as hemp and a type of organic cotton. The staff are also dedicated eco-warriors who compost at their homes, and they all ride bicycles to the office, so if you are looking for a truly dedicated eco-brand, then Aventura are it!

Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans are specifically catering towards men, and as the clever name suggests, the product line includes organic cotton jeans, as well as jackets, shirts and even a kids line. The special thing about Nedie Jeans is not just that they make everything from organic cotton, but they also pay a fair wage to their workers in countries such as India and Tunisia. Aside from their huge choice of clothing, they also recycle jeans that have worn out as some delightful rugs for your home! Sure, the Nudie Jeans product range is not exactly cheap, but when you take into account that most pairs of jeans will last up to 10 years, it is actually a pretty good deal, especially when you know their workers are being paid a fair wage too.


soleRebels are a really quirky company based out of Ethiopia, founded by the charismatic Bethlehem Alemu, who was inspired by her village’s artwork and craftsmanship growing up as a kid and their ability to craft thrown-away materials such as rubber tires into footwear. So Alemu had the idea to try and turn this into a sustainable company. It worked, and today soleRebels produce some amazing shoe lines that cater to men too. Today soleRebels are the number 1 Ethiopian shoe exporters to North America, and their sustainable business model insures that workers are paid a fair wage and that all the shoes are made from either recycled materials or from organic jute.


Another quirky company, Rapanui’s business model is fully sustainable on virtually every level, with their factory on the Isle of Wight in the UK being powered entirely by wind turbines! Their products for men include flannel shirts, t-shirts, hoodies and even underwear all made from organic cotton.
Even their office works on the sustainability philosophy, with their printers designed to be low-power consuming and even the ink is made me from biodegradable chemicals! The icing on the cake is that all of their products are very affordable, so what more could you really ask for?

So here are 4 eco-fashion companies that prove that being ecologically friendly does not mean you have to limit your fashion selection to tie-dye t-shirts! As well as eco-friendly clothing, you can use an eco-friendly shipping option to recuce your carbon footprint even further.