A few festival accessories

A few festival accessories

As the summer quickly approaches, it also means that festival season is quickly on its way. This, in turn, means its time or you to plan your outfits and costumes for all the events that you plan on attending this year. Costumes and outfits are almost as essential to festivals now as the music and staging. You don’t want to feel underdressed if it is something that you enjoy doing. Although it’s not essential, for those of us who enjoy the opportunity to play around without clothing and style, festival season is one of the final times to do it on a big scale.

It can sometimes feel like more work than it needs to be but here I’ve made a list of some essential outfit items that should be in every costume arsenal. With these, you can alter almost any outfit or group gimmicks for the festival season. Better yet make your clothes ethical and help the environment.


More of a favourite among female’s glitter has become a staple of every large event, be it part of the costumes or as an added dimension to the visual show on display. With glitter and some safety glue, it’s possible to make intricate and detailed designs across your body. It might not last all night, but it will look good for a while. Carnival in Rio is one great example of where to find some of the most unique and colourful displays. Just remember you will probably be washing it out of your hair and clothes for weeks to come.

White T-shirts:

Well, any colour will do but white allows you the opportunity to tie-dye your t-shirts into some unique and vibrant patterns, truly releasing your inner hippie. Personally, I would let somebody with a little more experience does the dying, this is just from personal experience. There is nothing worse than expecting a multi-coloured t-shirt only for it to be bleached all the way through.

This is a fun way to play with colours and see what you and your friends can come up with. If you’re going in a group, it can also be a good idea to try and match your colours. This makes finding your friends in the crowd a lot easier.

Totem pole:

This item should be researched on the event’s website, sometimes these items are banned for safety or viewing reasons. But totem poles can be a brilliant accessory to bring along to your festival. It’s perfect for groups as well, yours or others as they can easily find you by sight of the pole or you can find others.

Totem poles have recently re-emerged as fun gimmicks to bring along with you and your friends and they can become quite extravagant especially for the more creative among you. Match it up to your outfits and you have a winning combination.

These are just a few of my thoughts on what you can bring along to accessories and make your festival experience a little more colourful and fun