Discover Safe and Effective Pain Management with the Tenex Procedure

Orthopedic care is a vital aspect of patient care within the medical community. It helps with pain relief and management for patients who live in pain because of different medical conditions. Specialists continue to create better and minimally invasive procedures as orthopedic treatment and care continue to evolve. Working from Clifton, NJ, orthopedics specialists at Garden State Pain Control are experienced in handling various medical cases.

Garden State Pain Control is located in various areas like Jersey City, Edison, and Clifton and is dedicated to offering our patients optimal pain relief and effective diagnosis.

What does an orthopedic diagnosis involve?

The specialists are trained physicians who diagnose patients with revolutionary medical devices such as the Mi-eye, a surgical handheld tool. It comprises an in-built camera and a replaceable optical needle that helps conduct surgery and deliver treatment effectively with a shorter recovery time. The portable arthroscopy device offers our specialists a detailed visual image of internal injuries, including damaged joints.

Apart from small surgical incisions, the Mi-eye could also fit through the body’s natural orifices if needed, making MRI unnecessary in many cases. Apart from repairing damaged parts, the Mi-eye is also used by pain management specialists in treatments. It easily accesses the pain source and delivers medication directly.

Is the Tenex procedure effective?

Our doctors recommend Tenex to patients with tendon damage as a viable option. Prone to issues, the tendons could develop problems like the runner’s knee and tendonitis. Our physicians could start with viewing the damaged joint via ultrasound to map out a clear plan for your treatment. Ultrasound is also used when extracting the dead and damaged tissue that might be causing you any pain. Removal of damaged tissue is vital for your recovery and regaining full function. Dead tissue binds with your tendon causing complications in the healing process, and the Tenex treatment only offers your body the opportunity to heal correctly.

At Garden State Pain Control, we offer our clients Tenex because it is a superior alternative to other major surgery procedures today. It will give you rapid relief from your pain and have a relatively shorter recovery time. Experts have recorded you might only need around four to six weeks to recover.

Are there risks of re-injury, and if so, how should I prevent them?

After your procedure, you are only halfway through with your treatment. Getting appropriate physical therapy is a recommended post-surgery process to regain or maintain mobility. During your physical therapy sessions, the specialists will help you retrain the injured and painful joint to function safely again.

Therapy is also used to help your injured body part regain strength. Therapists, however, work on the area together with its surrounding muscle to ensure complete coordination during your recovery. Once you commit to an appropriate therapy program, work with your doctors by following their advice. The combination will ensure you might never have to experience your previous pain or injury.

The specialists will also recommend some Do and Don’ts during your recovery, which might vary according to the affected body part.

Contact Garden State Pain Control today to understand what Tenex procedures involve. It may be the only treatment option for your joint pain. Book your appointment online today.