Does Jelqing Really Work – Can You Jelq for Bigger Penis


In regards to penis enlargement, the two standard options are pumps and exercises. Some guys first get turned on by practices, most especially the”a professional report on exercise,” then discover there are various pumps which seem to get the job done more efficiently.

Jelqing may be the exercise where you use the hands to massage the penis from the base to the head, slowly and controlled for some repetitions. You perform the task at one time as the penis is from the semi-erect state, and fully lubricated.

Apparently, the thought of merely employing some contraption instead of by hand performing exercises yourself sounds a great deal more desirable. But are penis pumps that a good substitute for jelqing?

Let us first consider the results.

Jelqing includes a reasonably good track record for working, as far as men reporting favorable size success.

Pumps, however, tend to be more in the gray area so far as terrible consequences move. Yes, many guys have reported favorable profits. However, many more haven’t. That is, many guys give up on pumping after a couple of weeks into a month. Generally, the safety issue comes into play, and guys stop using pumps.

Safety is indeed another major issue. Jelqing is usually safer, while draining tends to be riskier. Anytime you make use of a contraption of some type over natural means, the danger of safety can turn out to be a variable.

Listed below are just 7 points to consider when considering performing jelqs or pumps?

Stay to a fantastic jelqing routine. The most important reason behind guys not only getting jelqing effects, is because for them not staying with a regular. jelqing does take time and most importantly consistency and patience. Take at least a few weeks to get used to the exercise and a total of 812 weeks to notice effects.

Evaluate advancement post jelqing. Watch how your progress is after several weeks of exercising. If you detected size profit in either length, girth, or both, then you may want to continue and try for larger size, or you might well be satisfied with the size you’ve got.

Consider pumps article jelqing. Only when you’ve given exercises a great decision to try, should you consider shoes. If you didn’t find success with jelqs, you then could think about the pump option. Or, in case you made adequate gains doing jelqs and want to grow larger, you can then consider pumps.

Water-based pumps. Look in the newer version of pumping if you do choose to go the pumping path. All these are reported to be safer than many of the old school pumping contraptions.

Take a break after jelqing. If you do take to pumps, take a break first if you’re pumping for a short time. You certainly want to allow a while before you start in on pumping.

Don’t do both jelqing and pumping together! This could prove to be too much so far as just how much that the manhood may, and should, take. Plus you aren’t going to know what’s working and what isn’t. You might be gaining size, but it might be due to the jelqing and perhaps not the pumping. So you could be wasting time and increasing risk by utilizing both.