How Do I Know If My Wound Is Serious

A wound is an injury in which skin is torn or cut due to trauma. When bacteria and viruses invade our body and multiply within the damaged tissue, they cause infection to the wound. Symptoms of infection include pain, swelling, and redness of the skin. If the condition is severe, it causes nausea, chills, and fever. 

If the wound does not start to heal in about 2 to 5 days, then you should consider consulting a  Humble, TX physician assistant.

Based on the severity, wounds are classified into two categories:

  • Minor wound infection: This type of wound can stop bleeding on its own and can easily be treated by considering home remedies.
  • Major wound infection:  This type of wound is severe and, depending upon the location, sometimes fatal. The person needs to immediately seek help from a doctor.


  1. If the size of the wound is more significant, deep, and has jagged edges, the person needs to seek out medical help and possibly a personal injury trial attorney.
  2. If the color of the infected wound changes from standard color to yellow or grey, the person needs to seek a doctor’s advice to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.
  3. If the infected wound starts spreading through the bloodstream and starts localizing on other skin spots, the person needs to consider a visit to the doctor. 
  4. Suppose the person gets a cut from a sharp blade and observes a long-lasting bleed and fever. This indicates that the virus or bacteria has invaded the body.
  5. If the bacterial skin infection invades the wound, it causes cellulitis and can lead to severe complications if left untreated. It first appears as discoloration and swelling, and later results in excruciating pain.
  6. If the wound takes more than the average time to heal, the person consults a doctor to seek proper treatment.
  7. If the person observes no sensation near the infected wound and changes of tissue from regular to black, then there will be cell death, called necrosis, which is either coagulative or colliquative.
  8. If the wound is caused by an animal (generally a dog) bite, rust, or contaminated objects, the person needs to go to the doctor for proper medication.
  9. Formation of pus under the skin and the scab increases in size.
  10.  Suppose the infection from the wound is spreading to the vital organs such as the heart or brain. The person may feel severe pain and discomfort. 

If you observe any of the symptoms mentioned above, the wound hasn’t healed on its own in a few days, or hasn’t started healing, then it could be a clear sign that you need a wound specialist.