Importance of Kegel exercises during pregnancy

Kegel exercises for pregnant women have several benefits. Just like any other form of exercise they strengthen the muscles. In the lower portion of your pelvic region the muscles are located and their main task is to control the flow of urine in the body. So it assumes considerable importance during the course of pregnancy. Because of the enhanced size of the uterus along with the growing weight of the baby this can pave way for bladder issues and other problems. In order to start out with Kegel exercises you will have to find the muscles and then plan to practice them.

Identification of the right muscles-

Locate the right type of muscles during phase of urination.

During urination you need to tighten your muscles. If you undertake this in a proper manner this might prevent you from urinating. If you have gone on to succeed it becomes easy to figure out the muscles which are needed for Kegel exercises for pregnancy

  • To find the right set of muscles, you need to practice in the toilet. Once you have gone on to figure it out you will have a concise idea on which are the muscles you might have to engage
  • When you are urinating you should not do the exercises as this can end up keeping the urine in the bladder. This could lead to bladder infections

Practice yourself from having a lot of gas

In case if you are not able to get a hang of just urinating you can go on to try this trick. Just be aware that you are trying to stop yourself from urinating as well. A combination of both these issues would be felt at the same time.

Be aware of which are the muscles you should not be using

When you are engaging your pelvic muscles you should not be engaging your stomach or thigh muscles for help. In fact you should not be even using the buttocks muscles. Make it a point that you are just using the pelvic muscles and nothing else.

Practice Kegel exercises

Before you proceed you need to head over to the bathroom.

While urinating you might have come across the Kegel exercises do not commit the mistake of practicing it when you are urinating. The possibility of infections increase

A comfortable position

The best part about Kegel exercises is that they are so simple that you can practice them in any position even if you happen to be pregnant. In addition no one would be aware if you are doing them. The key is to find out a position that suits you best. You can lie down or even stand to undertake a position of your choice.

The choice of the correct motion

The muscles have to be contracted. This would mean that you should not be pushing like you would be doing in a bathroom. Like you would want to be pulling up just as the manner you practice pulling exercises

These are some of the benefits of Kegel exercises.