Marijuana Lounges: The Future of Cannabis Enjoyment


Forget the days of tie-dye hippies, pot brownies, and flaky stoners.

The future of consuming legal cannabis has finally arrived as states – California, Colorado, Nevada and Oregon – have recently legalized, and decriminalized, marijuana.

Marijuana aficionados now can venture into a new world where their grandparents can feel even at home on an airy, oasis terrace, offtering culinary pleasures like white-bean-and-avocado hummus, pickled vegetables, and scrumptious desserts with hits of marijuana in between bites.

A marijuana lounge is not a dispensary, and it’s not a bar. Instead, it’s a unique experience and quickly becoming the hottest place to enjoy marijuana.

In west Hollywood, Lowell Cafe, America’s first legal marijuana restaurant, is the ideal model of a 21st century cannabis lounge. It’s owned by California’s Lowell Farms, well-known for their popular high-quality natural organic prerolls, buds, and oils.

With its alluring magical Mediterranean garden vibe, Lowell Cafe features colorful mosaic tiles imported from Spain and Morocco, lush vines hanging from walls and wooden ceiling beams, and lavish indoor and outdoor spaces lighted by twinkling candles. Romantically contemporary, this marijuana lounge offers an airy and welcoming atmosphere to indulge in marijuana.

Forget bartenders. “Budtenders” offer “table-side flower service” to guide guests through their cannabis experience. A novice who has never tried marijuana? The budtenders will explain products like Lowell Farm’s famous pre-rolled products and a wide selection of strains along with their potency and effects. Already a cannabis pro? The elevated dab rigs provide a heightened experience.

On any given night, the rooftop cafe hosts captivating events like expert-led chats and panels about cannabis and film, stand-up comedy, and live music. During Sunday brunch, a string quartet entertains with songs ranging from classical baroque to Radiohead. The lounge also holds special events for record releases and movie premiere after-parties.

Chef Andrea Drummer, a Florida native, designed the lounge’s eclectic menu. Drummer, a famous Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and cookbook author, has catered many private Hollywood events for stars. For Lowell Cafe, she has created a farm-to-table experience and plans to host dinners featuring cuisine from cultures like Cajun and creole. Every dish that Drummer prepares meshes perfectly with the elevated senses that comes with cannabis consumption.

Don’t expect to have adult beverages, though. Only elegant mocktails (Momilani and Fountain of Youth), tea, coffee, smoothies and fresh juices are served as not to damper guests’ cannabis buzzes.

Lowell Farm was founded in 1909 by William “Bull” Lowell, but closed in 1913 when California made marijuana illegal. It reopened and has become wildly popular with celebrities and unique products such as a “weed bouquet” for Valentine’s Day and a “smokable cannabis flower crown” for Coachella. The café is the company’s latest business venture and will feature Lowell Farm’s various products.

The farm, near the California coast, uses small family growers for many of their crops. All uses organic fertilizers and never synthetic pesticides. Dedicated to the environment, Lowell Farm chooses sustainable products from seeds to recycled vintage-style packaging. The company’s pro-environment philosophy is also a priority at the Hollywood marijuana lounge with sustainable fixtures made by local artisans.

Marijuana lounges attract an enthralling array of guests from celebrities to PTA moms, creatives, and even retirees. Tourists, especially fom states where marijuana is not yet legal, are especially drawn to these glamorous lounges where they can sample various, and new, strains of marijuana and other cannabis products. They can even take home souvenirs such as Lowell Farm’s edibles, vapes, concentrates, and buds.

Most importantly? Guests can now legally smoke marijuana in a swanky, entertaining lounge. At last.