Restoring Smooth and Youthful Skin With Skin Tightening Treatment in FL

We all wish to maintain younger and elegant skin as long as possible. However, our skin tends to lose elasticity and volume with aging, resulting in fine lines, sagging, and wrinkled skin.  Fortunately, you can restore your youthful look with a simple, non-invasive skin tightening procedure. At Suncoast Women’s Care, Wanda Torres, MD, FACOG, and the skilled team provide effective Envi skin tightening treatments that do not require downtime or surgery to keep your skin looking smooth and strong again. To book an appointment, call or request an appointment online today.

What Makes Your Skin Sag or Cause Wrinkles?

The skin undergoes the natural aging process, which slows down the production of elastin and collagen, making your skin thinner. These tissue proteins maintain the youthful skin firm and plump. With time, your skin loses strength, elasticity, and volume, making it grow looser, resulting in visible aging signs such as sagging jowls or wrinkles. Other than natural aging, other external factors that might speed up the aging effects include:

  • Smoking
  • Sun exposure
  • Frequent facial expressions
  • And dietary choices

Genetics and general health can also affect how fast your skin ages.

What Is Tempsure Envi Skin Tightening?

This involves a safe, innovative technology for all skin types that uses radiofrequency energy to stimulate the tissues underneath your skin. Your body responds to the stimulus energy by increasing the process of collagen production. With time the collagen produced plumps, lifts, and smooths your skin for a youthful appearance.

What Conditions Can Skin Tightening Treat?

Some of the common flaws that skin tightening can address include:

  •       Crow’s feet
  •       Forehead lines
  •       Creases, lines, and wrinkles
  •       Smile lines
  •       Loose neck skin
  •       Sagging jowls

The skin tightening procedure is commonly performed on your face and has been proven to improve the appearance of your skin. However, the Suncoast Women’s Care team has the experience of treating most skin areas of the body to ensure you achieve your body goals.

What Should You Expect During a Skin Tightening Procedure?

When you go for a skin tightening procedure, the treatment takes a maximum of one hour to complete. You can hence undertake the procedure during lunch break or whenever you are free. During the procedure, you will recline restfully as your provider uses the TempSure Envi device to send radiofrequency to your targeted area. You will feel a bit of warmth, but it’s not itchy. Immediately after the treatment, your skin will look smoother and feel tighter. Your body will be stimulated to produce more collagen, which is seen in the improved appearance of your skin. You will enjoy intense skin tightening effects that feel and look natural, beautiful, and youthful in several months.

To sum up, don’t struggle with wrinkled or sagging skin. You can benefit from the comprehensive gynecological and aesthetic services available in and around Trinity, FL, including skin tightening, body contouring, contraception, obstetrics, endometrial ablation, etc., at Suncoast Women’s Care. For more information about the services, book your consultation today with the caring providers by contacting them or scheduling your appointment online.