The Most Popular Anti-Aging Aesthetic Treatments

Aesthetic treatments have become popular over the years, with more men and women opting for the procedures than earlier. They improve and restore appearance, reducing signs of aging to give a natural and more rejuvenated skin. Another significant benefit of aesthetic procedures is that they promote self-confidence, which improves your beauty even further.

Dr. Laura Riehm believes in being confident in your skin. At her practice, Skin Deep Laser MD, she focuses on anti-aging treatments, among others, to make you feel attractive and look natural despite your age. If your skin appearance bothers you, you might want to book your consultation with Dr. Riehm today.

Here are some of the treatments available at Skin Deep Laser MD to improve your skin appearance and restore your confidence.

Age spots

Age spots are common in the face, arms, shoulders, and hands. They are brownish and usually occur to people older than 50. However, they may also appear to younger individuals that have excessive sun exposure.

The spots are harmless but may make you feel less attractive and confident. You can lower your risk of age spots by using protective clothing when in the sun or avoiding the sun when it is most intense.

Dr. Riehm provides several effective and customized treatments such as PicoFOCUS, Icon MaxG, and chemical peels if you already have age spots.

Skin tightening

Usually, when you grow older, your skin becomes saggy and loose due to a decrease in collagen production that enhances its firmness.

Dr. Riehm uses radiofrequency treatments to stimulate collagen production and development, improving skin tightening. The therapies correct various issues, including:

  •       Wrinkles around the mouth
  •       Crow’s feet
  •       Jowls
  •       Lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows
  •       Nasolabial folds
  •       Loose skin above and below the eye
  •       Thin, crepey skin on the neck

Dr. Riehm offers practical and comfortable skin tightening treatments with 100% percent guaranteed successful results.

Acne scars and stretch marks

Acne scars and stretch marks may make you feel like you are not beautiful enough. Dr. Riehm understands how it feels and offers solutions to minimize the scars and make your skin flawless. With her team, they offer extensive treatments to eliminate the scars and restore your natural skin appearance.

Chemical peels help get rid of the old skin cells and stimulate collagen formation, which improves and minimizes scarring.

Laser treatments also eliminate stretch marks in a 30-minute session.


Botox is among the most common aesthetic treatments. The injections smoothen out wrinkles and lines, giving you a rejuvenated, youthful look.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers help add the lost volume to your skin, enhancing skin rejuvenation. They enhance volume and fullness underneath the skin, removing folds, wrinkles, and lines. They occur in different forms depending on your issue.

Body sculpting

Body sculpting helps get rid of stubborn fat cells through WarmSculpting with SculpSure. It involves the use of laser technology to eliminate fat in targeted areas.

Sometimes even with exercise and dieting, you may not be unable to lose fat in some parts, such as the abdominal area. Body Sculpting allows you to achieve your desired results in no time.

Contact Dr. Riehm today to restore and transform your appearance with advanced and effective aesthetic treatments.