Today is National Play Outside Day

Did you know that National Play Outside Day is the first Saturday of every month of the year? That’s many opportunities for physical activity to enhance healthier lifestyle habits while exploring the great outdoors. 

After you have gotten your dose of Vitamin D from the sunshine, come inside and play your favorite game from a casino online. It’s a nice reward for unplugging from technology when you were playing outside earlier. 

How To Celebrate National Play Outside Day

As long as you are outdoors and doing activities you enjoy with your family and friends, you are observing the holiday. If you have little ones, teach them the importance of daily exercise and how it benefits them as they grow up. 

Ask your children what they love to do while playing outside and plan from there. Take them to a new location for them to explore such as a park you never visited, a hiking or biking trail, or a campground.  

You can also celebrate National Play Outside Day with these activities:

  • Plan a nature scavenger hunt with your little ones. Make a fun list and ask them to find a stick, stone, leaf, bird, flower, grass, tree, and other outside items you can think of. 
  • Go biking on a trail or in your neighborhood. 
  • Make up an obstacle course in your backyard. 
  • Camp in your backyard or at a local campground. 
  • Go to the beach. 
  • Make homemade bubble solutions with your children and test them out. 
  • Draw art creations with sidewalk chalk. 

End your day of playing outside by eating one of your meals as a picnic. Go the extra mile and host a barbecue if the weather allows. Enjoy your meal before the sun sets. 

Seasonal Ways to Celebrate National Play Outside Day

Since we are talking about National Play Outside Day in November, let’s talk about ways to celebrate with seasonal autumn activities!

Get your yard work done and have fun with your little ones, too. You can rake and bag up leaves in your backyard for removal. Keep a few large piles of leaves for your kids to jump in them! Depending on their ages, have them each take turns raking the leaves back into a mound once they get too flat. 

Look for wildlife in your backyard or at a park or campground. You can see birds and squirrels prancing around getting ready for winter. Turn it into a math activity and ask your little ones how many of each animal they see. 

Go to a field and play football with your friends. Then you can all banter on who is going to win the next NFL game that Sunday. 

Who doesn’t love apples? Get the whole family together for a fun day of apple picking at one of your local farms. 

The Benefits of Playing Outside

Spending time outdoors can boost creativity and enforce your energy levels because of Vitamin D from the sun. The fun you will have while playing outside and exploring the outdoors raises your endorphin levels. 

Hence, you’ll be happier and less stressed by spending time outside. Choosing an outdoor activity is a temporary escape from responsibility so enjoy it!

Final Thoughts

Even if National Play Outside Day is the first Saturday of every month, you can celebrate the holiday every day! How will you enjoy the outdoors the next time you go outside?