Why You Should Opt for a Brow Lift

Your brows can add years to your age due to sun damage, loss of collagen, and formation of wrinkles; fortunately, you can get a natural and refreshed look with a brow lift. Plastic surgery on the brow reduces the fine lines and wrinkles appearance. It can flatten the bow arches, reduce deep creases, excess skin, sagging skin, and descending brows. It is prudent to look for a San Francisco brow lift expert who specializes in brow lifting. Below are the advantages and risks of brow-raising and what to expect after getting the surgery.

What Is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift is a form of plastic surgery that rejuvenates your forehead, improving the eye region’s appearance and the forehead. You can choose the procedure if your brows are sagging, asymmetrical, or if you have fine lines and wrinkles. A brow lift can be incorporated with other procedures such as facelift and eyelid surgery.

Advantages of Brow Lifting:

  •      Reverses a Tired Appearance

Wrinkles, fine lines, sagging eyelids, and excess skin can add years to your actual age; fortunately, you can reverse the old and tired appearance. A brow lift corrects and raises your brow and any unwanted fine lines. Additionally, it removes other creases on the face by erasing the tell-tale signs of aging on the eyes. Removal of the excess and sagging skin on the eyes can have a positive effect on the face.

  •      You Would Look Alert

Sagging skin can affect the appearance of the upper lids leading to undesirable side effects like making you look tired. Moreover, aging skin can reduce vision and impacts the successful application of makeup. Removal of the excess skin can open the eye area, making you look more alert and improving vision dramatically.

  •      Your Surgeon Can Customize the Procedure

Brow lifting is not a one size fits all kind of surgery, and your surgeon might ask for your suggestions on how you would want the brows to look. You can either choose an endoscopic lift or full lift depending on your needs and the extent of the fine lines or wrinkle formation on the eyelids.

Risks Associated With Brow Lift

Brow lifting is a minimally invasive procedure, but it has some risks, such as the formation of visible scars after surgery. Some people can have temporary or permanent numbness on their brows after the procedure. If you get the procedure from an unqualified surgeon, you will risk getting asymmetrically positioned brows. One brow might appear higher than another, or both would be positioned higher from their normal position. Moreover, a botched procedure can elevate the hairline or loss of hair at the incision site. You can review the qualification and experience of the preferred surgeon before committing to getting the procedure from their office.

Final Thoughts

A brow lift can correct age-related issues such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and fine lines around the eyes. It improves the appearance of the eyes, forehead, and whole face, restoring a youthful appearance. For instance, the removal of sagging skin can affect the appearance of facial features. However, it would be best to research to find an experienced surgeon who can administer the procedure effortlessly.