4 color combinations to try out in 2021

The trends in interior design change quite dynamically – it’s hard to keep up with it! In our article, we gather the most fashionable color combinations this season. If you’re planning some painting and decorating works in the nearest future, keep them in mind!

Repainting your walls every season would be daunting – in the end, preparing the room to get the job done takes a lot of time and effort. No wonder why literally no one changes the wall colors so often, even though new trends appear every year. However, if you’re planning to use some painting and decorating services soon, you may find our compilation helpful. Check out the hottest color combinations in 2021 and choose your perfect match!

#1 Ulitmate grey and illuminating yellow

These two Pantone colors of the year 2021 go really well together. It’s a modern combination that is very often used in graphic design – but can look great in the interiors as well! It’s worth trying out, particularly in the industrial-style interiors. Combining concrete with different shades of grey and adding yellow as a bold accent is an idea you won’t regret. We recommend mixing some shades of yellow – like lemon, saffron, and mustard – for a multidimensional effect. An experienced painter and decorator will

#2 Navy blue and gold

If you want a luxury effect, this combination will be perfect for you. Navy blue has taken over the residential painting market in the last season, and most likely it will stay on the top for the next ones, too. It’s elegant and looks good with black-and-white motives. If the room is small, we would highly recommend covering the walls with navy blue only partially, leaving some white spaces to make it optically larger.

#3 Marigold and green ash

Last season, we would have probably recommended mixing the green ash colour with millennial pink. In 2021, however, it’s better to go for the sunny marigold shade. This combination is bold, juicy, and perfect for small spaces since it optically enlarges them.

#4 Brasen and dark sea green

This combo will bring some elegance to your interiors. It will look great with the furniture made out of different types of wood and clay accessories. You may also add some golden details to refine the final effect.

The key to beautiful result is the right choice of the materials and contractors which offer high quality painting services with good value for money. It’s highly recommended checking the portfolio of residential and commercial painting projects of the particular company before using their painting and decorating services.

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