How to Control the Fermentation Temperature of Home Brewed

Do you want to have a great customer base and receive a stable large income? There is only one way to achieve the goal – you need to provide high-quality services.

Especially when it comes to the beer brewing business, you need to carry a careful approach to quality assurance. The composition and condition of the drink have an impact not only on the taste, flavor, and color; they influence the effect of the drink on health.

Homebrew Glycol Chiller from Beverage Craft

One of the most important stages of beer brewing production is the fermentation process. High-grade fermentation is not possible without the use of proper equipment. The best device, which helps to regulate the fermentation process, is a glycol chiller for home brewing.

Glycol chiller is a special tool used to control the temperature during beer brewing. The temperature regulation is necessary for the following processes:

  • Post-fermentation beer cooling
  • Same temperature maintenance during the whole fermentation process
  • Wort refrigeration after the initial boiling procedure

All mentioned processes are necessary to produce a first-class beer. They could be executed at the highest level only with the use of a glycol chiller. Moreover, the choice of this equipment allows creating perfect conditions for beer brewing in accordance with the dryness or humidity of a certain place.

In addition, the use of glycol chiller is quite easy due to the simple construction. Thus, any glycol chiller includes these elements:

  • Compressor
  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Metering device

Water and antifreeze are used by glycol chiller manufacturers to assure beer cooling. The most popular component is propylene glycol, which is a safe food-grade antifreeze.

To make the apparatus work, you need to plug all connections, determine and indicate the necessary temperature, and turn the system on. From this moment, the machine functions by itself and does not need your effort.