How To Make Your New Cat Comfortable in Your Home

It’s extremely important that you prepare in advance when bringing home your new cat. Ask yourself some simple questions like; Is my home large enough for the breed? 

You should be prepared to integrate a new furry family member with your other pets and family members once you’ve carefully considered welcoming a new furry family member home.

Below are some simple yet effective tips on how to make your new cat comfortable in their new home

Use a cat carrier

Despite the fact that your cat hates being in the carrier, it is a safe place for them. To ensure that your cat doesn’t become loose while you are carrying them inside, you should always keep it in its carrier. 

Having them stay in familiar territory with familiar smells will also help keep them calm and allow them time to integrate into their new territory. When ready simply open the cat carrier and let your new kitten walk out of the carrier on their own. This may take a few tries but be patient with them. 

Establish a room for them

Rather than letting your cat wander around the entire space right away, let them settle into one room for now. Ideally, an office or bedroom with a door would be ideal. You can prepare for bringing a new cat home by installing a door model cat door beforehand. This will allow kitty to come and go from the room as they please. 

Set out fresh food and water on the other side of the room and add a few treats to their bowl if it isn’t mealtime. Fill their litter box and place it on one side of the room. Make sure the room has a scratcher and some other toys.

With the room door closed, open their carrier and let them step out when they’re ready. Eventually they will step out and begin to explore the room.

Allow them to get comfortable with new smells by allowing them to explore a small area at first. Your own personal preference will indicate whether you keep them in the room for a few hours or up to a week. 

As long as they are in there, be sure to check in regularly and to show them as much love as you can.

Allow more freedom

You can allow your cat to roam more freely around the house once they’ve become comfortable in one room. While you should keep their litter box where it is for now, you should move their food bowls and water bowls to their permanent spots. It’s a good idea to set up a new litter box in the permanent location you intend it to be so as they explore they can get used to it being there. 

Monitor their progress and stress levels

Pay close attention to your cat during the first days and weeks in your new home as cats are easily stressed. Consider restricting their territory rather than expanding it if you notice signs of stress.

If your kitten seems uncomfortable or in need of rest for a few days, you should keep them in their base for a little while. Just make sure their food and water are safe while they’re in there.

As long as your cat is behaving normally, things should be fine! This is the time to choose a permanent litter box home for your cat.