How to Play Bingo in the Sunshine

There is something about a lovely warm sunny day that makes us feel good. It gets us out of bed in the morning and looking forward to the day. So why do we love the sunshine so much?

Natural exposure to the sunlight is good for us and can have mood-lifting benefits. It increases the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin which is the reason why we often feel happier and more awake when the sun is shining. So you can understand why so many of us look forward the summer season.

Whilst relaxing on the beach, playing a round of golf or doing some gardening can be enjoyable, you may be looking for another way to enjoy the outdoors. Experts in Bingo at Paddy Power have thought of a fantastic way to get the whole family outdoors and enjoying the sunshine.

Why not get the family together at the local park on a sunny day for a game of bingo. It doesn’t have to be an ordinary game, you could get some chalk and draw a gigantic bingo card on the playground. Then use each family member as the playing chips and as a number is called out, a family member steps out onto the bingo card to mark that number.

You could even create your very own nature bingo cards and go on a hunt with the children whilst you explore the beautiful surroundings as you play. Have a look at the sunshine bingo infographic below for some more great ideas.