Interested in buying a sex doll, we investigated what are the most popular ones on the market

Before you go to purchase a realistic sex doll for personal pleasures, it’s important to get some homework done so that you could get the best quality product without breaking your bank. As a general rule, go for the premium TPE sex dolls as they feel natural to touch and are easier to clean and maintain.

Choose a realistic sex doll with a natural feeling spine and hip area that allows you to have a good grip when hitting her from behind.

Here are some of the sexiest love dolls available at Joy Love Dolls that we found worth recommending to the most realistic sex doll lovers.

Some popular sex dolls with big boobies, booties and sexiest curves

The life size sex doll Maria is the full meal deal; you get everything from head to toe. This premium TPE sex doll has an articulated skeleton that allows her to take any difficult position for you, and she comes up with warmed and ribbed vaginal, anal and oral capabilities to deliver you heightened sexual experiences.

And if you are fan of big breasts, you can choose among Diana, Jenn, Tori and Linda whose playful breasts invite you to for some great pleasure. Their boobs jiggle and bounce when pounded, just like the real pair of breasts. For the ass lovers, Joy Love Doll features Brenna, Holly, Kaylen and Viola whose voluptuous booties would keep you awe struck and rock hard. You have plenty more options in love dolls with tight and replaceable vaginas in Kendra, Amy, Mandy, Joy and Lexi. These slim body sex dolls are dedicated to the men who like to feed their cock to a puckering, sexy beauty.

Always ready to pleasure you

These life size sex dolls are always ready to you, they won’t complain of tiredness, and you need not buy them dinner or flowers. No going to visit their mother-in-law, and you don’t have to please them either. These most realistic TPE sex dolls don’t require any other effort than pounding them away. Just pump the love sex dolls with some water based lubes before you get started, and they don’t even care how long you last.