Tips For Planning A Funeral

Without doubt, one of the most difficult things to do in life is to say goodbye to a loved one or friend as they pass away. Emotions run high and many struggle with the concept of death, going through many stages of grief before accepting that the person has gone and coming to terms with their passing. The initial news sometimes comes as a shock, even in situations where a death is expected, and so the next steps in the process such as planning the funeral can be difficult to comprehend at the time, or even think about. Here are the main things you will need to do to plan a funeral or celebration of life, to help make it easier for you at one of the most difficult times of life.

The Service

The service is the main part of the funeral and is the main chunk of the overall event where stories can be shared, the eulogy read out and more. Prayers, hymns, songs and poetry can be included, depending on the religious background of the deceased as well as their wishes. Many opt for their favourite songs to be played or passages of their favourite literature to be included somehow. Whatever you decide, the undertaker can help ensure that the service will be the perfect tribute to your loved one.

The Wake

The wake is the meal or congregation after the service during which memories of the deceased are shared. It can be held at a hall, in a pub, at a restaurant or at a relative or friends home. Food such as small sandwiches, cakes, pies and cocktail style snacks are typically served, music played and drinks shared on behalf of the deceased. Stories are shared as well here and there can be small tokens of memory given to guests such as memorial seeds, fridge magnets and more.


There are a wide choice of memorial headstones both in funeral homes and online today and if you want to choose a memorial in private or slowly, taking your time, consider opting for purchasing one online. You can share the links with family members and discuss the different styles together before committing to a specific type making this a much more personal and easy option for many who are bereaved.

Burial vs Cremation

One of the main questions today is between burial and cremation. Many are beginning to opt for cremation as it’s more eco-friendly and there are different options as to what to do with the ashes. In this sense you can use ashes in a number of ways – having them pressed into diamonds, worn in jewelry, spread in a favourite place or buried with seeds in gardens and the like. Memorial gardens are a great place to place ashes as well, similar to burials but strictly for cremations.

So if you’ve been recently bereaved and are now faced with having to organise the final farewell for your loved one, hopefully this article will help you make choices and plan things out to lessen the stress and upset of this time of life.