Moms caring for specially needs children – A Bird’s Eye View

Studies have revealed that mothers, especially the ones that are single and have special needs child or children strive hard to juggle between their jobs and taking care of their little ones.

Way back in the year 2002, statistics prove that a single mom that has to look after a child with disability was approximately 17% less likely to devotedly work full time at office as compared to a single mother that had to look after a child that had no disabilities.

Primary care provider is the role that moms assume of kids that need special care. And the father mainly assumes the role of the primary bread earner and offers financial support to the household.

Chronic stress is a perennial phenomenon

A study that was conducted in the year 2009 stated that parents of special needs children were under chronic stress especially moms and the comparison of stress that was drawn was between that of a mother under chronic stress that is similar to stress experienced by soldiers that are at the combat site.

The chronic stress that is experienced by these mothers roughly translates into their life expectancy shortening by an average 9 years to 13 years. The stress is even more when these moms have to look for a solution to take care of their children when they are gone given the fact that the life expectancy decreases over a period of time.

Special need child care costs and education

Caring for your child that requires special treatment involves a lot of expenses. This expense has to be incurred on a daily basis so applying for financial aid in form of payday loans alternative or personal loans of any type will not suffice. If you are looking up to the tax credit system of the government, you can derive the benefits only through child care providers that are registered.

Generally speaking, the childcare costs for children with special needs are usually more. So, there are many households that share the expenses of the household as well as that of the child between spouses, the moms and the dads.

Education in form of extra-curricular activities

As far as extra-curricular activities are concerned, there are many so called Mainstream schools that organize such events in the evening so that children can be taken care of by the working parents after they return from their day’s work. However, many schools also organize during the daytime especially for the parents that are the primary caregivers.

How to balance life for moms of special needs children?

There are many ways in which you can make your life a much better space not only for yourself but also for your little one and entire family.

Social get together

These are the events where you can just not interact with parents facing the same situation but also get support and moral boost up, gather newer ideas to care for your child better and also get information of support groups or organizations that cater to special needs children. So, moms can find out where and when such gatherings are taking place.

Family and friend support

You will have many such family members in the household that will assist you in taking care of your little one. If mothers are working, few family members can always alternate and take care of the child.

Discuss with employers


Regardless of whether it is a mother or father that is the primary caregiver, you can always talk to the employer and work out a schedule that can help you to balance your personal as well as professional life without hurting either.

Last but not the least, parents of special need children has a huge challenge that has to be met and addressed round the year, not just emotionally but also physically and morally. Your child is after all your world and there’s no barrier that can hinder you from taking less care of your bundle of joy!