Six Museums in Australia Your Kids Will Love

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When planning for a holiday vacation with your kids, it is necessary to opt for a place that they would enjoy as much as you would. Holidays should not be for adults alone, as it is also important for kids to have fun, especially if you are feeling guilty for not being able to spend quality time with them due to your work demands. For example, if you chose to go on a vacation in Australia, there are various museums where you can take your kids. Here they will not just enjoy the place but they will surely learn a lot from it as well.

1. The Australian Museum

This is the oldest yet most popular museum in Australia, which specializes in natural history and anthropology. The Australian museum features a huge collection of vertebrates and invertebrates along with anthropology, mineralogy and paleontology. Here you can also find Kidspace, which is a mini museum with cubby houses where your kids can enjoy various activities. For older children, sleepovers, dinosaur detective workshops and marine world workshops are also available.

2. Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum is the hone to unique and diverse collections of history, science and technology, industry, design, transport, arts and music, and space exploration. It has approximately 500,000 separate items contained in a program of permanent exhibitions and temporary displays. It also has a playground and café that kids will surely enjoy for hours.

3. Maritime Museum

This museum features Australia’s links to the sea, as well as displays of various marine activities. In this museum you can also take your child to the Wharf 7 Maritime Heritage Center, which is the backstage area that houses the Vaughan Evans Library, boatbuilding workshops, museum collection storage, ship model workshop, conservation laboratory, photographic studio and design studio.

4. The Rocks Discovery Museum

This is a free museum that tells the story of the rocky areas within Australia from the pre-European period to the present day. The Rocks Discovery Museum is home to a huge collection of unique images and archeological artifacts. Most exhibits are filled with interactive activities that can be very enjoyable for the kids.

5. Hyde Park Barracks

This was built in 1819 to house, feed and clothe men and boys. Later on the building was turned into a hub for the departments of the government and was renamed to Chancery Square. Today the Hyde Park Barracks is museum containing the history of it.

6. Cockatoo Island

This is the largest heritage island in Sydney Harbor, which is located right at the junction of Lane Cove and Parramatta rivers. The island was once an industrial school, an imperial prison and reformatory. Cockatoo Island has guided tours, as well as an overview of the island’s history and other features.

These are just some of the kid-friendly museums that you can visit during a vacation in Australia. Of course, there are other places where you can find museums that kids will surely enjoy, such as in the US and in London. You can also search travel websites for information on where you can take your kids during a vacation to make sure that they will also enjoy the trip as much as you do.