7 Romantic Experiences in Singapore for Newlyweds

Whilst Singapore may not strike you as the usual honeymoon paradise, it shouldn’t be overlooked. There are so many wonderfully unique opportunities and experiences you just simply can’t get elsewhere. With its diverse cultural landscape, rich blend of art, cuisine and entertainment, Singapore is an enticing location choice for newlywed couples. There is just so much beauty, possibility and romantic allure packed into this small island!

Break the mould of the traditional and conventional exotic beach destinations and try out the wealth of choice and opportunities awaiting you in Singapore.

From the luxury superyachts to romantic picnic at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, we have selected some of the most enchanting and luxurious activities for you loved-up newlyweds to make memories that will last a lifetime. We have even thrown in a beach option in case you need further persuasion! We doubt you will disappointed with the array of exciting things on offer.1

1. Singapore Flyer Sky Dining Experience

The Singapore Flyer is Asia’s largest giant observatory wheel, at a height of 165m, you can be sure of breath-taking views. In your own private capsule, you can enjoy a luxurious and romantic 4 course dinner, whilst watching the sunset over the city. The perfect experience for newlywed couples looking for a unique experience.

2. Chartered Luxury Superyacht

For a truly unique experience, full of romantic charm and blissful relaxation, try Singapore’s luxury yacht charter. Onboard the superyacht you can enjoy gourmet dining, grand and luxurious living, modern facilities and high-end toys (jet boat, jet skis, kayaks and diving equipment) for adventurous couples. Discover the surrounding islands and sandy shores in this perfect newlywed love-yacht!

3. Breakfast with the Orangutans

This is the perfect choice for nature and animal lovers. Enjoy a completely unique breakfast experience at  Singapore Zoo. This is the only place in the world where you can feast with these beautifully majestic creatures, yet another reason why this small island has so much to offer. Let’s hope those adorable apes are happy to share with you both!

4. Picnic at Gardens by the Bay

You couldn’t pick a more romantic and stunning setting to enjoy with your loved one. As you stroll hand in hand through the gardens, you will be taken away by the breath-taking architecture and tranquil natural surroundings. These spectacular gardens are the perfect setting for a romantic picnic to enjoy together.

5. Sentosa Resort Island Tour

Sentosa is about a quarter mile off the southeast coast of Singapore. With a pristine, white sandy beach stretching over 3.2km in total, it’s a truly romantic setting. For awe inspiring panoramic views, head to Tiger Sky Tower or hop abroad the Skyride. There is plenty to choose from and for the more adventurous couples you must try the Luge – a wheeled gravity ride that gives you full control over your descent on the purpose-built track.

6. Night Safari at Singapore Wildlife Park

Here is another one for those nature-loving honeymooners. At the Singapore Wildlife Park you are in for an unforgettable experience as you get up close and personal with thousands of nocturnal creatures. With illusive species such as Leopards and Fishing Cats in enclosures closely mimicking their natural environment, this is a rare chance to catch a glimpse of some beautiful animals you will rarely ever see in the wild.


7. Tree Top Walk

For those couples who like to explore the outdoors and enjoy the lush natural habitat of Singapore, this experience is a chance to escape the city life and immerse yourself in nature’s beauty from this elevated position of the forest canopy.  The free-standing suspended walk way is around 250 metres long and around 25 metres high, offering couples the chance to sneak a peak at flying lemurs, long-tailed macaques and beautiful forest birds. Get lost together in these captivating surrounding.