Is English the Language of Love?

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Love learning English with Kaplan

According to these statistics it seems that the answer to the question: Is English the language of love? is a resounding yes. With London featuring as the most romantic english-speaking city and British people coming a close second to the US as the English-speaking country with the most attractive people, it’s looking like England might be good place to look for love.

On to more serious matters, however, it’s impressive to learn that the majority of EFL speakers have learned English to understand a celebrity with the most of these hoping to be able to translate the words of one of the world’s most powerful leaders, Barak Obama.

It would seem that English is not only the language of love but also the language of power. When two of the so called “super powers” have Heads of State that speak in English, perhaps being able to understand their domestic and international plans might not be such a bad idea.