Top Mistakes Women Make When Pursuing Guys

A woman has two options when it comes to pursuing a partner, compromise or settle. While no woman should feel forced to do something she despises, she should assess the most valued qualities in a partner if thing seems rocky. There are plenty of great, charming guys that will give you the world, you just need to open your eyes and stop falling for Mr. Wrong. Standards matter more than your presentation during a date. A fair number of women have unrealistic expectations for dating and some carry similar notions into matrimony.

If you want to find the right man for you, read up on these seven pitfalls of pursuing a partner and falling in love.


While every woman is a catch, no woman is a perfect goddess. Do yourself a favor and write out a list of your worst characteristics, the stuff that would make a guy lose interest. What might be considered quirky may actually be perceived as annoying. You should also be willing to look past a guy’s minor issues and learn to compromise.

Acting Like a Buyer in a Seller’s Market

Some people treat dating like shopping for a sweater. They do not just look for a sweater, but a sweater that matches a specific outfit, in a certain color and happens to be on sale. They may find something wonderful but will second-guess their choice, wondering if something better was just beyond their searching. Three weeks later, the woman finds her dream sweater and ponders if it was so much better than the one she bought. Anyone who goes through dating like she has infinite tries is never going to fully treasure someone special.

Being Judgmental

Women will list 300 reasons why there will never be a second date; men will list three. A guy with an interest in a partner will be just fine with a woman he thinks is good enough even if the rest of the world would give his chosen paramour the side-eye. Guys never sit around in deep contemplation of every aspect of their chosen woman like women do. Sure, she might not be a model, but the guy thinks he has found the best fit for him.

Being Super Choosy

Online dating allows for an objective approach instead of a subjective one and this can lead to all sorts of assumptions or false flags. You might fall for someone into Cher but good luck falling for someone cruel.

Always Going for “Alphas”

Cities known for having ambitious Type A personalities, such as New York City and Los Angeles, are a natural breeding ground for “maximizers.” A maximizer is someone who is always lookup to trade up to a better candidate. Maximizer women will pursue their male counterparts and will be destructively picky. Guys who would be find, committed partners tend to strike out because he seems just a bit too short or he does poorly in a big group. These perceived “misfire matches” are the sort of people women treasure in their 30s, 40s and 50s yet so many women tend to go for the sort of men who can hold an entire room in their sway and has considerably broader dating options.

Women Never Love Themselves to the Same Level as the Guy

No woman needs a man, but going around with the idea that you have more bargaining power than the guy is a preemptive disaster. Relationships are all about reciprocating with each other. Go ahead and love yourself but also be willing to give some of that self-love to a guy who sees worth it. A woman who always loves herself the most of anyone in the room is fated for the single life.

All Interests Feel Like They Need to Be Mutual

People can have different ways of enjoying the same pursuit of hobby. Your partner does not need to fill every niche interest on your own score card but neither should he have nothing in common with you. A healthy amount of mixed and matching interests is a great foundation to a long-term partnership. If you find a promising guy you should ask him what he wants out of life and how soon he wants to marry.