5 Commandments of Reusable Bag Use

The main purpose of reusable bags is to replace plastic grocery bags – One-time use petroleum bags that are ruining the planet. While many people use reusable bags today as an alternative but they are not aware of the etiquettes associated with it. To help you learn how to use reusable bags at the grocery store or elsewhere, we have put together this list of 5 commandments of reusable bags use:

  1. Size

Always be aware of the amount of grocery you are going to buy and the size of your reusable bag. If you are going for your monthly grocery shopping then obviously you would require a bag big enough to carry all those groceries. On the other hand, if your bag is too small the cashier will have trouble fitting your groceries and you wouldn’t be able to carry it all comfortably either. So it’s extremely important that the bag is big enough for the cashier to fill as well as for you to carry according to the number of groceries you get.

  1. Hygiene

Watch all reusable bags regularly and after every use if necessary. A clean and fresh bag will keep your grocery items clean as well. If you don’t clean it regularly enough germs will start accumulating on the surface which can contaminate your grocery items. So, prevent bacteria, yeast and mold from growing on your bags and cross-contaminating your food by washing them regularly.

  1. Placement

Open the box while you are waiting in line instead of making the cashier wait or asking them to open it. Place your bags at the front of the conveyer so it is easier for the cashier to grab them quickly and start filling. If the cashier does not know you carry a grocery bag and starts putting them in plastic bags, politely let them know that you brought your own reusable bag.

  1. Packing

When you put invoices on the conveyor make sure you place heavy/bulky things together first and the light ones later. This will make it easier for the cashier to put the heavy groceries at the bottom of your reusable bag and then the light items can go on top until the bag is full. This will keep your groceries safe.

  1. Purpose

Carry different reusable shopping bags for different types of grocery, for example, meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables, etc. Classifying your grocery into certain categories makes it easy to unpack and arrange them. So, inform the cashier to know which bag is meant for what product the next time you go grocery shopping!


We all know that reusable bags are a better alternative than single-use bags. However, this change in buyer behavior is also influencing the way we do grocery shopping. Consequently, cashiers and baggers are adopting to this change to accommodate the customers. Thus, be a good customer and make the cashier and bagger’s job easier by following the five commandments of reusable bags here!

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