Avoid these mistakes when hiring a New Hampshire injury attorney

Winning a personal injury claim is more complex than you think. While most cases in New Hampshire don’t end up in court, exceptions do exist. Following an accident, you should consult an attorney to know the worth of your claim. Besides evaluating the case, your attorney is in charge of handling the claims process and will negotiate with the insurance company as needed. They will also take care of the complex investigation and paperwork. If you are hiring a New Hampshire injury attorney for the first time, don’t make these mistakes. 

Hiring any random attorney

Would you go to a cardiac surgeon for your kidney problems? The same is true for legal cases. Just like you need a criminal lawyer when facing a murder charge, you must hire a lawyer specializing in personal injury law for your case. 

Not asking questions 

Most injury attorneys offer a free initial meeting. During this meeting, the lawyer will listen to your claim and will offer a preliminary review. If you don’t use this window to know the attorney better, it would be a big mistake. Ask questions like – 

  1. How long have you been working as an injury attorney in NH?
  2. What part of your practice is dedicated to similar lawsuits?
  3. Are you going to work directly on my case?
  4. What are your top settlements and landmark cases?
  5. Will you work on a contingency fee? 

Not asking about trial experience

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled without a court trial. However, if the insurance offer is too low or when your claim is denied, you may want to approach the court and file a civil lawsuit. Not all injury attorneys have the experience representing clients at trials. Ask about this aspect in advance. 

Trusting an attorney who demands an immediate fee

Unlike family lawyers or criminal attorneys, injury attorneys work on a contingency arrangement. As such, the lawyer should only ask for a fee after you have won a settlement. Don’t hire an attorney who demands an upfront fee. Also, you shouldn’t have to pay the lawyer to review the case. 

Lastly, steer clear of attorneys who try to exaggerate your claim or injuries. A skilled injury lawyer knows how to defend a client and fight for their rights, but they wouldn’t encourage anything that is unethical and could have negative consequences. You can check on google for local listings top lawyers in your city or town.