How Much Sunshine Can You Buy?

When you are looking to buy a holiday home, do you search for the warmer and sunnier locations? Many holiday seekers are looking for some much-needed sunshine, therefore it makes perfect sense to buy your next holiday home in the sun.

As the weather becomes warmer and the sun begins to shine for longer in the UK, Brits are getting their sunglasses out and getting ready to put their summer wear on. But buying a property in the sun isn’t all about the summer fashion trends, in fact the sunshine is proven to increase tourist’s happiness and provides vitamin D!

If you are looking for the top hotspot location to buy a property in the sun and make your money go further, you need to be looking in the Turkish Riviera. With lovely towns like Bodrum you can enjoy over 2,600 hours of sunshine per year and spend around £45,000 for one and two-bed apartments. Unlike in Eastbourne, known as the ‘Sunshine Coast’ here in the UK, you could be paying around £150,000 for a small holiday home but only getting around 1,900 hours of sunshine each year. Where would you choose to buy?

Holiday home seekers looking to buy in destination with the most sunshine, but for minimum cost should be property searching in the Eastern Mediterranean. The cost of sunshine index by Property Guides shows where you can buy the most sunshine for your money.

Looking for something in the America’s? Miami has one of the most vibrant real estate market’s in the world and one of the hottest luxury real estate climates in the United States. It also experiences year-round sunshine, and rarely gets below light sweater weather. So, what’s the true cost of sunshine? If you live in Miami, perhaps priceless.