The cost of hiring injury attorneys in Philadelphia: An overview

If you have sustained a personal injury in Philadelphia because of someone’s fault, intent, or negligence, you could potentially file a lawsuit. The lawsuit will help you seek a settlement for your losses, pain, and suffering as per the laws in the state. Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations allows filing an injury lawsuit (or a wrongful death lawsuit) within two years from the date of the accident. When you want to file a third-party insurance claim (common for auto accidents), you should know that the 2-year deadline is still running. To preserve time and your interests, consulting a lawyer is highly important. If you are worried about the costs of hiring Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys, we have an overview of the basics below. 

No immediate/upfront fee

Criminal lawyers and divorce attorneys usually charge an hourly rate. The client may even have to pay for the first meeting. Personal injury lawyers are different in that context. Most lawyers and law firms in Pennsylvania work on a contingency fee. The contingency arrangement allows victims of accidents to seek legal representation without worrying about the costs. 

How does that work? In a contingency fee arrangement, the lawyer will get a part of the settlement you receive from the other party or the insurance company. This is a fixed percentage of the financial settlement. If the lawyer fails to recover compensation from the lawsuit, they cannot claim or ask for a fee. 

How much is the contingency fee?

The contingency fee of a personal injury lawyer depends on several factors. Experienced lawyers often charge more because they are more capable and likely to win a lawsuit. If the case is a complex one or requires considerable work, the lawyer may end up asking for a higher fee. The general fee range in Philadelphia varies from 25% to 40%. 

What about other expenses?

Besides the contingency fee, you may have to pay for other expenses. For instance, if the lawyer is investigating a car crash, they may have to use accident reconstruction services for a high price. Clients are typically expected to pay these expenses, but if your lawyer is comfortable and eager, they can help with the costs until you get a settlement. You can ask your attorney in advance about the possible expenses and how you can manage the financial distress before the case is settled. 

Shortlist a few personal injury attorneys now, and don’t forget to meet the potential lawyers in person.