Top Tips for Throwing a Casino-Themed Party

Everyone loves parties, especially casino lovers. Though you don’t have to travel to the nearest casino to enjoy a lavish celebration with other gamblers, the comfort of your home is sometimes all it takes. Take the example of live casinos: you can enjoy a lifelike experience without ever leaving your home.

These parties are perfect if you want to mimic high-rollers’ luxurious lifestyle or want to enjoy a pleasant gambling evening with your buddies. Get some of the best tips from Casumo casino and turn your casino-themed party into a huge success.

Dressing Up Is Important

One of the best things about casino-themed parties is their versatility. Since casinos were always hugely popular, you can opt for several different decades and styles. 

If you’re looking for a more intimate environment, consider hosting a masquerade ball with Venetian masks and posh suits. Alternatively, you can opt for a roaring twenties theme with gangsters and extravagant dresses. 

If all else fails, go with this classic: A James Bond-inspired black-tie party where tuxedos are mandatory. However, make sure the dress code matches the environment.

Games Make the Difference

A casino party without games is like chips without salsa. Offer your guests several table game options, including poker, blackjack, and roulette, for the ultimate casino party experience.

You may be wondering: Where will I find a roulette table? Luckily, we have the solution; several party companies specialise in casino games, allowing hosts to rent tables, roulette wheels, and even dealers.

Think About Tournaments

Tournaments are a great way to take things to the next level. Not only will they increase the bar, but they’ll also create an immersive environment where players can bond. Several companies in New Zealand specialise in creating tournaments for a wide variety of casino games, including poker.

Environment Is Key

Even the most lavish dress codes can fail if there’s no environment to match. The first thing you need to think about is music. A good casino-themed soundtrack will always feature a smooth soundtrack to match the rich experience. Creating an old-school jazz playlist usually works with every dress code. For ultimate immersion, consider hiring a jazz band.

Then, you need to think about decorations. Imagine yourself in the best Vegas casinos: what do you see? How does the environment feel? Combine your imagination with common casino design elements – red carpets, opulent fountains, balloon arches, and colourful neon signs, and get ready for an exciting time.

What about food and drinks? Those also play a huge role in casino-themed parties. Opt for a chef-catered full-course meal and fancy cocktails; your guests will love it! Don’t forget, offering vodka martinis is a must, but make sure they’re shaken, not stirred.