Could Facebook technology replace passwords with photo recognition?

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Technology has definitely come a long way and the advances in technology are simply amazing. One issue about technology is how to keep data secure. The popular social media site Facebook is an example of how sensitive data could be and how security can be important to consider to protect that data.

Facebook has been using passwords to protect the data of its users for years. However, it is acknowledged that passwords no longer offer 100% data security because hackers are getting smarter and faster at learning how to overcome passwords in their bid to steal your data. Is photo recognition technology now the next best thing to replace systems dependent on passwords?

Photo recognition technology is sometimes known as facial recognition technology. The assumption here is that the system cannot be hacked because it is the user’s face that serves as the password. At first glance, that seems logical and even wise. However, this system is still imperfect resulting to inaccurate recognition of a user’s facial biometric data. What this simply means is that the system might permit another person to enter your account because that person looks remarkably like you. This is the biggest flaw of photo recognition technology.

Another problem with photo recognition technology applies to males. If you grow a beard, would the system still be able to recognize you? If your face ages, do you need to keep updating your biometric data every year at the least?

There are other systems that rely on biometrics that are more reliable. Iris recognition technology is dependable simply because it is hard to copy the intricate details of your eyes. Fingerprint recognition technology is also pretty accurate because each of your fingers has a distinctive pattern that is almost impossible to replicate. Even twins would have different biometrics using these two technologies. Perhaps these would be more apt to use in place of passwords, at the moment.

Still, photo recognition technology might be good to use as a backup system to passwords. This means that you would still have to encode your password while presenting your face for photo recognition. It is acknowledged by security experts that the more layers of security are added, the more secure the system becomes. If Facebook is to remain a secure social media, having back up layers of security may be a good idea whose time has come.