How Technology is Remodeling the Industry of Online Gambling

There’s no denying that technology has reshaped the manner in which we participate in betting and gambling. From playing simple bingo games and rolling a dice in the 19th century, to betting outlets offering touchscreen kiosks in the 21st century, it’s fair to say that plenty of changes have occurred during this time period.

Then there’s the online gambling sector, of course. A phenomenon that has had a profound impact on the evolution of gambling as a hobby. The online casino industry itself has also evolved greatly over recent years, attempting to provide even greater immersive casino gaming experiences and significantly improving security of online casino players. Evolution in this domain moved quickly, and from 2020 onwards we should see many more innovations and trends that will continue to transform the online gambling business. Here we’re going to outline some of the technologies likely to reshape the industry over the next few years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There have been several claims made by AI for functioning within the online casino industry security space. One of the latest trends in the industry is to play online slots on the go via a smartphone. AI is one of the reasons that online slots and casino games have become increasingly popular, alongside the convenience they provide.

Today, many online slots use Artificial Intelligence in an attempt to provide a personalised and effective gaming experience. AI can also create a smooth and seamless process, whilst ensuring security for the casino platform. In the future, it is expected that AI could be used to provide a further personalised experience by learning player habits and preferences and using them to create more a more tailored provision. For instance, casino players could offer personalised bonuses and choices which help them play according to their own tastes and preferences.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

VR and AR have transformed the video gaming industry in recent years, and they look set to have a similar effect on the online casino industry. Some casinos have already adopted this innovative technology and provide a small selection of virtual reality games. We can predict an increase in this area in 2020, following the price-reduction in VR headsets by leading technological businesses.

Augmented Reality enhances player experience by using elements of their environment and transforming it into a seemingly realistic casino, whereas Virtual Reality takes a player to a whole new virtual world full of incredible effects. Land-based casinos could even reach online casino players by using this state-of-the-art technology to bring them through their virtual doors in the future. One of the advantages of this technology is that casino players can interact with other casino players in real-time, boosting the social aspect of gambling which can often be lost when a player chooses to gamble online. Thus, it is expected that AR and VR technology could be a huge game-changer for the industry.

Mobile and Social Games

Many new online casino games have begun to offer a social element, and this is largely due to the developers noting that many online gambling still takes place via social media. Accepting challenges and joining tournaments with other players, participating in forums and discussions, etc., is a huge part of online gambling for many. Unlike other online games, they also have the opportunity to play for real money, also.

There is likely to be huge improvements in this area from 2020 onwards, with casino developers pushing more mobile-based casinos and additional social aspects to gambling. By the end of the year, some 3.5 billion people will have access to a smart device such as mobile phones or tablets. Nevertheless, there are still browser-based online casinos and games, so we all have a choice based on how we prefer to play.

With the rise of mobile casinos, social casinos and futuristic technology such as AI, VR and AR, it appears the online gambling industry is in for many significant changes in the coming years. Watch this space!