Makita 5ah battery twin pack and charger

Accumulator tools, due to their mobility and ease of use, are very popular with professional craftsmen or construction companies. There, these tools are subjected to constant stress, being used everywhere and solving daily complex tasks. For efficient operation, it is important to choose the right battery and charger for it. In this matter, a large number of people give preference to batteries and chargers of the Makita brand. A wide range of different variations of these devices is available in the UK Planet Tools online store. Here you can buy the Makita 5ah battery twin pack and charger that will solve all possible problems with recharging your tools.

Batteries Makita bl1850 li-ion 18v 5.0

Batteries Lithium-ion batteries are the most popular type of battery that is now used in almost all devices.


  • Increased specific capacity is several times better than its predecessors
  • Compact dimensions and lightweight;
  • Better electrical density;
  • There is no “memory” – so they do not need to be completely discharged.

BL1850 is an innovative development of the Makita brand with a capacity of 5 Ah with which will significantly increase the operating time of the tool, compared to the previous version. The overall lifespan is also markedly different from most competitors. With STAR Protection Computer Controls’ protection technology, the overall life of the removable lithium-ion battery has been extended.

Makita 5ah battery twin pack and charger

Features of Makita portable twin pack and charger:

  • 5 amp battery increases run time over 3 amp battery without adding weight or bulk
  • New battery protection system adjusts charge level, temperature, and current to improve performance, battery life, and overall battery life (when used with tagged tools)
  • Li-ion batteries provide longer run times and longer battery life than Ni-Cd and Ni-MH batteries
  • The optimal charging system uses 3 active controls (current, voltage, and temperature) to maximize battery life
  • Onboard memory chip interacts with the CPU charger to optimize the charging process based on the unique conditions of each Makita 5ah battery chargers

Quick charger Makita DC18RC

A battery charger is a device that replenishes the battery energy expended during operation. Since the battery in the instrument has the ability to be charged multiple times, this makes it possible to reduce it is size and even its capacity. A result is a lightweight tool that is comfortable to hold in your hands without straining or fatiguing.

  • Despite the compact size of the DC18RC, this high-tech device is able to charge your battery in no time. As befits the products of the Makita brand, there are modern and technological features like
  • Onboard CPU – collects information from the battery’s memory chip to determine the best charging method
  • Forced air cooling fan – cools the battery to shorten charging time
  • The digital power display identifies battery status and charging status.
  • Lithium-ion batteries have no special recommendations (overclocking type). They can be put on charge at any time, if necessary and possible.

Makita chargers, batteries and accumulators have long been an example of quality and manufacturability. Makita 5ah battery charger and many other power tool accessory options are available at affordable prices from UK Planet Tools.