How to reduce energy consumption on Technology

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There is no doubt that this century is the century of technology. There are so many new technological advances that it is mind boggling. And since the cost of technology such as cell phones, mobile devices and computers has dropped significantly the acquisition of technology has also become much easier. However, one problem remains – all these gadgets require energy to function. Not surprisingly, many people are looking for ways to reduce energy consumption when they employ technology for their daily activities. Let’s examine a few of these methods.

Solar power – this is one of the most reliable sources of energy at the moment and the great news is that it is totally free. The pioneers of the solar energy revolution must be very happy now because their faith in this form of technology has been justified. The cost of acquiring a solar energy system has also dropped significantly making a shift to solar energy a practical option. If you are worried about your home or office electricity bill, do consider shifting to a solar energy system soon. Eventually, this system pays for itself so that you no longer have to depend on other sources of energy like fossil fuels.

Green buildings – the science behind this is simple. Basically, an architectural team will work to design a building that will not require as much energy to operate (compared to today’s energy inefficient buildings that is). There are many technologies that are incorporated into green buildings. You have rooms that are designed with glass windows that let in the sun yet do not require as much air conditioning to keep cool. This lowers lighting bills. You also have buildings that switch to LED lighting to keep lighting systems more energy efficient. Some architects may also design buildings that have trees and plants on the roof – this allows the sunlight that usually shines directly on the building to be deflected. The end result? A building that does not trap heat as much as before plus has a rooftop garden for aesthetic purposes.

Concept vehicles – car manufacturer Mazda has already come out with a car that relies on water to operate. This is a drastic shift from the previous dependence on fossil fuels. Other scientists have also designed solar powered vehicles as well as electric vehicles that rely on solar energy stations to power up. This is very promising as a solution to cleaning up our air now being polluted by vehicle emissions.