Which Apps Are The Most Used?

Building a mobile app for the first time? Is it worthwhile? How will people know about it? These are just some of the questions you’re probably asking. Since mobile apps are becoming a key way for consumers and business/retailers to interact, it’s about time to begin creating an app. Especially since, more than 70% of the world will own a smartphone by 2020 and with people spending around 30 hours a month using apps.

Mobile phones and apps are an essential part to our daily routines. Before we head off to work or get our morning coffee, chances are we’ve already opened an app. It could be checking the weather, to make sure we have an umbrella handy if it rains or checking the traffic for the route to work.

Apps are also a powerful way for brands to build deeper relationships with their customers. By having a branded app, it will demonstrate how modern and connected your business is to the world of consumers. You’ll want to be found in an app store when consumers are searching for your brand, as then you’ll be able to catch highly motivated customers.

If you’re unsure about what consumers really think of mobile apps, below the App Developers have put together an informative infographic, based around a survey they conducted which polled 300 consumers. You can find out more about app developers UK research by looking at the infographic below.