5 Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Are Perfect For Family Reunions

5 Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Are Perfect For Family Reunions

Do you remember the stress every time you need to organize a family reunion for a special occasion? How to coordinate different families with different ideas to book hotel rooms that are close to each other? There is no guarantee they will be staying together, sometimes even, you will end up in different hotels. Then, the meal times is another stressful every day experience; joining the tables at the hotel restaurants, and dealing with other guests that look suspiciously at your traditional family games for 50 people…Villa rentals seem like a perfect solution, once you try it, you will never again gather your relatives in a hotel. The reasons are obvious and we will only list five of them here to make the list short:

Booking comfort

You will all be together. Depending on your family size, you will simply choose a villa that will fit all your relatives. And believe me, they come in all sizes. So, no matter if you plan to spend a weekend with your parents and in-laws, or gather three generations scattered on different continents for a once-in-a-lifetime massive reunion, you will surely find many options to choose from.


The more you are, the cheaper it will be. The cost of renting a luxurious villa for, let’s say, 5 families is significantly lower than booking hotel rooms in a resort of the same level.  Your money will buy you deluxe services that you might only dream about during a hotel stay.


Forget the crowds. The villa you rent is just for you and your tribe. You can feel as cozy as in a private house; your aunt can dance on the table in the living room, and your grandpa share family secrets in a loud voice without you feeling embarrassed with other tourists taking pictures or eavesdropping. The swimming pool is just for you, kayaks, balls, paddle boards, bikes, pool table, and any other equipment or facilities you might find in the villa.

The Kitchen is Your Kingdom

Forget the mealtime stress. In a villa, you will always eat what you want and when you want, no matter if you rent a villa with or without chef services. If you decide that you prefer to grocery shop and cook yourself, the whole kitchen is at your disposal and you won’t have to spend money in restaurants. If you agree on booking a villa rental with private chef included, you may choose your menu beforehand, and you will also get more mealtime flexibility than in a hotel venue. And last but not least, forget the buffet!

Unique experience

Let’s be honest. All the hotels look more or less the same, especially if you travel a lot; even the boutique ones repeat the style currently trending. (It’s all boho chic now, isn’t it?) With villas you choose and buy the uniqueness that comes only with a home. You may pick from different architectonic styles, different facilities and equipment, and different décor styles.

I’m sure that you will come up with many other reasons after you rent your first villa for a kinfolk reunion. Once you try it, nobody in your clan will ever choose a hotel over a private, luxurious villa for a perfect personal gathering.