Awesome Summer Holiday Ideas

With summer well on its way and many beginning to struggle to come up with the perfect summer getaway idea, there’s never been a better time to sit down and really go through your options. Many families struggle to pick the perfect place with something for everyone and often end up having to come to some kind of understanding over where they plan to go. If this sounds like something you and your family struggle with, check out these top family vacation ideas for this summer and all summers to come!

Road Trips

Road trips are one of those quintessential family vacations that always seems to be on the minds of many. Whether you’re going to visit relatives or you’re just exploring your own backyard, road trips can be a hugely fun family outing and provide you with an exciting and enjoyable option for your family holidays. If driving in the UK, you never quite know what you might run into, so why not go with only a loose plan, but be open to exploring other regional delights you stumble across.


Florida is one of those places that has something for everyone. Whether you’re after a beach holiday in the Florida Keys or you’re a thrill seeker wanting to enjoy the rides and amusements of the likes of Universal Studios or Disney World, you can find what tickles your fancy in Florida. Buy your Orlando attraction tickets before you go to save yourself time and money, more time for exploring the Everglades, Miami or the Panhandle and its idyllic coastline.


When Colorado comes to mind you might think of skiing and the rocky mountains, but there is so much more to Colorado than those. Colorado is home to beautiful summers full of white water rafting, camping and hiking rather than the cold winters you might picture. In the winter the mountains are full of snow, but once summer hits, the snow melts and the rivers become the place to go. Rafting near Colorado Springs is a popular option for those looking to beat the heat while staying close to the city.


While camping may not be first on many people’s lists, it can be a great way to get back to nature as well as spend time with friends or family. Camping can be fun and allow you to stay in places that are far removed from big cities or towns, out in the countryside where you can really relax and unwind. Many campsites dotted around the UK also work in conjunction with stopping points for long canal boats, so you meet a whole variety of people.


When you can’t make your final decision and everyone is at loggerheads over the choices available, save yourself the trouble and opt for a destination in Europe. With so many great cities to choose from such as Paris, Brussels, Prague, Berlin, Munich and more, the only question you will have is ‘where to’? Depending what you want out of a European city break (or a break in general) you can choose from staying in a Tuscan villa taking painting classes or relaxing on a Rhine river cruise. The nice thing about Europe is that the options are truly endless.

With so many great ideas for spring or summer holidays, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you, your family or your friends perfectly so you can enjoy every moment of your free time over those warm summer months. Where will you choose? We’d love to hear from you!