Benefits of Using a Charter Bus Rental For Your Next Group Trip

For the last ten years my wife and I plus around 6 other couples have been taking an annual road trip and visiting lots of great places across the USA. Over the years many of us have had kids and as a result the group has continued to grow and grow. For the first time this year we took a charter bus rental instead of taking individual cars and the experience was absolutely brilliant. If you are planning on going for a group road trip in the coming year then here is exactly why I would recommend that you charter a bus and take the trip this way rather than taking individual cars.

Traveling Together

One of the biggest benefits which we all enjoyed was being able to travel together. This made the entire trip so much better and it also meant that the kids could all entertain each other on the journey rather than be forced to sit in different cars, away from their friends. I would even go as far to say that the bus journey was one of the highlights of the whole trip and we laughed and had some great conversations during our time aboard the bus.

Less Problems

I can only remember one year in the last 10 where there were no problems at all with the cars that we took, each other year featured a breakdown or an accident which cost us both time and money. When you charter a bus rental however there is little risk of anything happening and even if something were to happen it is the responsibility of the bus company to repair, rather than the people who are on the trip.


Once you include the cost of gas, tolls, insurance and any maintenance, the cost of the bus was significantly cheaper than if you were to add up how much each of us paid to take our own cars. We actually booked the bus without realizing that it would be cheaper, we simply though it would be a smarter option but by the end we realized that each family saved around $100 each from taking this option, a wonderful bonus which helps the pocket a little bit.


In the group it is generally the same people who drive each year, or at least who do the lion’s share, and we certainly enjoyed not having the responsibility to drive. This meant that we were able to have a few beers without worrying about driving afterwards and it also meant that on those days where you feel tired and you just can’t be bothered to drive, that you didn’t have to get behind the wheel but instead could catch up on some sleep at the back of the bus.

If you are going away as a group I cannot recommend this type of travel enough, take the pressure off yourself and take a chartered bus rental for your trip.