Best hotels in Nevada

Though a semi-arid area, this “silver state” as commonly known by many hosts some of the best hotels that the Western United States has to offer. Are you a gambler? Then this is your perfect destination. Gambling is legal in this city and marriage and it’s also known for its lenient marriage and divorce laws. This is what transformed Nevada into a major tourist destination towards the end of the 20th century. It is also the only state in the US where prostitution is legal safe for Clark County and two others. While in this city, you have several tourist attraction sites that you take enjoy.

With so much to offer, Nevada boasts of some of the best hotels and resorts of our age- continue reading and see some of these places you can book for your holiday.

Tuscany Suites and Casino

If the word “casino” rings a bell in your head when mentioned, then Tuscany could be the place for you to enjoy your holiday. This hotel is a winner of several “Best of Las Vegas” awards and this is for a reason. It’s a fully furnished hotel with 716 refreshed suite rooms, a spa, casino, live entertainment every night and so many other services. The architecture and the culture in this hotel are pulled from the Tuscany region in the North of Italy. The lush gardens and other thoughtful amenities make the atmosphere in this place so welcoming. Who would not want to spend their valued time in a place where their ‘childhood’ is rekindled anyway? Tuscany Suites is the place to be this holiday.

Paris Las Vegas

Ever heard of the “sin city” as Las Vegas is commonly known? What makes Vegas earn this name is the combination of the old-charm and the new style of the lights’ city. The epitome of romance is best experienced in the Paris Las Vegas hotel. Here you enjoy a world without limitations. While in this place, you can visit Burger Brasserie and enjoy a fun twist on an American classic. Better still, if you are a fan of Gordon Ramsay Steak or any other delicacy, you have it done by internationally recognized chefs. Choosing Paris Las Vegas also allows you to shop in some of the world’s recognized shopping and dining centers in America.

Planet Hollywood Resort and casino

Are you a celebrity, experience it first hand at the “house of fame”- Planet resort and casino. The atmosphere in this resort is upscale and here you can meet anyone, you never know who is in the next room. You will also have all kinds of dishes you’ve ever wished for; the Japanese tradition in this place meets California’s innovation. There is the presence of some more casual delicacies like all-beef sliders, wings, and tenders, among others. If you love relaxing indoors, you have the spa by Mandara which hosts a variety of rejuvenating services in a serene soothing environment.

If you are planning to have a great time in a place where you have a mix of cultures and entertainment at its best, check out for one of the hotels in Nevada and you will have a story to tell.