Cool Apps To Get Before Travelling


When you’re travelling it’s inevitable that you will find yourself waiting in between flights, buses and the like. While the whole experience is an enjoyable one, these in between times can be less than desirable and somewhat boring. Luckily though with the invention of smartphones, tablets and more, these waiting periods now can be more than just a time to sit around, staring at TV shows in foreign languages and wondering what’s going on. Here are the top apps you should put on your phone for killing time when travelling.

CandyCrush Saga

CandyCrush Saga has been one of the most high ranking, highly played and popular games available  on smartphones and tablets today. The aim of the game is to match different candy types in various scenarios in order to advance to the next stage with bonuses available for certain combinations and matches. CandyCrush Saga isn’t just a game, but a way of life for some people it seems, with many advancing and reaching high levels of 100 or higher. Admittedly, it’s not just enjoyable, but addictive, and so it makes a great in between game app for travellers looking to kill time.


Nothing beats a great game of solitaire. While many people find the game difficult to play when using a physical game of cards, electronic solitaire is easy and makes it fairly seamless. The idea of the game can vary depending on the type of game played, with a popular variation featuring alternating colours in order from ace to king, queen and down all the way to one. There are a number of various games available on smartphones and tablets today, so it’s just up to you which one you choose.


Tetris has been a favourite for many for years and years. A puzzle game that requires players to match colours or lines of blocks before they fill the playing area, it can be challenging and difficult to complete before the time runs out. Another puzzle game, it’s a great way to kill time while waiting for buses or just generally wanting to kill time.


Online casinos are becoming all the rage these days. With a number of brand new casino games by Novibet, you can rest assured you will find the perfect game for you in order to have fun and possibly make some real cash on the side while you’re on the road. Who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash when they’re travelling? Just be sure to put aside a specific amount to play with and you’re golden.

Whether or not you’re heading out on the road soon, why not consider adding some of these great apps to your smartphone or tablet for fun both on and off the road? With so many great apps out there today, you just need to decide which are the right ones for you!